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Friday, 14 February 2014

A guide on how to spend Valentine's Day

Hello lovelies!

Not my pic! Found on Tumblr. Credits to its owner.

I would like to apologise because I couldn't post yesterday. The thing is, my computer has decided to give up on me so I'm now switching from Macintosh to Windows for a bit and as an Apple fangirl that's kind of hard! I'm using my brother & my parents' computers for different things, but I promise you the posts are going to be regular here!

Anyway, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I really hope everyone is having a good day, whether you're single or taken or you still don't know what's going on with your heart, I'm writing a post to spend a great day no matter what!

Fancy dinners are great, we're not going to lie here, but I personally enjoy "homemade dates" a lot more. That means, sometimes I'd rather stay at home with my Valentine (no matter if it's Valentines Day or an ordinary Sunday) instead of dressing up and going to the fanciest restaurant in town.

And believe me, there are so many things you can do at home! (But we're not going to get cheeky here, let's keep this post suitable for everyone!) 

  • Watch a nice rom-com. Seriously, don't even hesitate. And watch a good one! I recommend Easy A with Emma Stone. I'm sure it will make you laugh (and if it doesn't even make you smile, send me a claim to my e-mail haha!)
  • Treat yourself. How about a pamper evening? Put your favourite tunes on, light up some candles and get in the bathtub with a good drink (if you're underage: stick to soda!) You can even bring a good book with you. Just relax. 
  • Eat your favourite food for dinner. If that's pancakes, then make pancakes. If that's pizza, then order one, or bake one, or just get one at your local supermarket! 


  • Before spending the night at your place or any of your friends' place, you girls could go on a small shopping spree. Whether you buy a random nailpolish, or a dress, or a bag, just treat yourself and your friends with a nice walk around the shops. And if you want something, and you can afford it, don't say no.
  • The movie I'm recommending here is definitely 10 things I hate about you. Heath Ledger was such an amazing actor and he looked handsome as ever - and also we can see a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt that will melt your heart a little bit.
  • Have a nice dinner at home. Whether is homemade or you just order it, make sure everyone likes it. And don't forget the sweet treats such as ice-cream or chocolates!

  • You probably have made plans so what are you looking for here?
(Just kidding)
  • If you still don't have plans with your partner, you should both cook dinner together. How about making a themed dinner? Mexican food? Japanese? Italian? Anything is good, food is always yummy no matter where it comes from.
  • Now, this is a tough one. Is your partner romantic? Is he/she not into romantic movies AT ALL? Then probably you should watch Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are amazng in this one! There's a romantic storyline in the middle, but there's more comedy than anything!
  • Surprise him/her with their favourite drink in the mean time. Or their favourite snack. Men and women appreciate small gestures, and sometimes if your partner comes with a nice glass of beer or soda plus some of your favourite crisps... that's a plus! 


As you may have noticed, they all follow the same pattern. You could modify the plans and add even more things but that's pretty much how I would spend the day if I were single, with friends or taken. It's up to you to make the most of this day!

(Also sorry for the lack of 'original pictures' I've been downloading Photoshop on another computer but it's taking ages! I will come back tomorrow with good posts, I promise!)

How are you going to spend Valentine's Day?

I hope you all have a wonderful day!
Cristina xx


  1. I'm definitely going to be eating a lot of sweets and watching movies! Happy Valentine's Day :)

  2. Feliz San Valentín! (Ya no, oficialmente, peeeero...)
    No soy mucho de las comedias, PERO esas 3 películas son una maravilla. <3 Las volvería a ver todas sin pensarlo, y eso ya es mucho decir, jajajajaja!


    1. Jajajajaj gracias joooooooo <333 esas pelis molan, tenemos que volver a verlas!

  3. Super off-topic, pásate a Linux! ;-D

  4. Happy Valentines!


  5. I didn't have the best valentines day, but I hope you had a good one! I've watched both Easy A and Pitch Perfect (both hilarious and extremely good films) but I have yet to see 10 things I hate about you? Since we had a rubbish day yesterday, me and my family decided to redo Valentines today :P Just about to hit town for shopping and a bite now!

    High end fashion or high street? Check out my post to know more: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2014/02/high-end-vs-high-street-2014-blogger.html

    1. Oh, Olivia! So bugged you had a bad Valentines Day but hey! It's cool that you're going to make today your own Valentine's Day and I hope you had a blast! I'm glad you like those movies by the way!! :) x

  6. I definitely agree on treating yourself! Now I need to dig out ten things I hate about you and give it a watch :) x



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