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Friday, 7 February 2014

Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Gel Wash

Hello lovelies!

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I'm writing today a post about skincare to tell you about one of my favourite daily skincare products, the PURE ACTIVE FRUIT ENERGY GEL WASH by GARNIER
Does your face normally have imperfections like open pores, black spots, or is your skin pretty much oily or a mix of oily and dry? I invite you to check this product out and see if you think it would help you out!

For a while, I had noticed that my face was very dry and kind of dull in Winter or way too oily in Summer (ouch, Summer here in Mallorca is way too hot!) and right after I got my piercing done — I personally don't know if this has any relation but it happened — I started getting plenty of black spots around my nose (blackheads) which started to make me a little mad because I had never had such thing. That's when I decided I should definitely get something different for my face.

Walking around this huge supermarket I passed by the Garnier aisle for their skincare products and I noticed they sold that gel wash and that it was perfect for little imperfections like that. According to the website, the results would be "clean and purified; your skin feels energised and more beautiful"...

... turns out they were absolutely right.

(Sorry, it's in Spanish and Portuguese!) It basically says that if your skin is oily or kind of mixed and tends to have imperfections such as blackheads, open pores or it looks dull, the Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Gel is your product!

I started using it in the mornings and before I went to sleep. I clean my face with warm water and then I pour a little bit of the gel on my fingers just to apply it on my face right after. I spread it around my cheeks, my chin and my T zone and then I wash it with warm water again. It definitely makes my skin feel softer and it's got this wonderful pomegranate smell that I really love having on my face!

As you can see, the gel is transparent. When you apply it on your face once your face is slightly wet, it will look a bit white — like any normal gel you may use. This bit of gel is already enough, at least for me. 

It costs 3,80€ and, as I've said, you can use it when you wake up and before you go to bed as a bedtime skincare essential. I really like it and you don't need plenty of gel daily for it to make your face look wonderful! 

Check more about the product here.

What are your favourite skincare products? Have you ever used any Garnier skincare gel or scrub before? 

I hope you're all having a lovely day!

Cristina xx


  1. This sounds lovely and the price is brilliant! Have followed on Bloglovin xx

    Anoushka xx

    1. Thanks for the follow! The price is amazing for that product, I really recommend it! x

  2. oooh ill have to check this one out. ive tried the one in the green bottle and it was nothing special..basically just took my makeup off and thats it

    Stephanie's Look

    1. I think you will like it! Never tried the green bottle but this one mmm, amazing! x

  3. I'm on the look out for a new cleanser, might have to check this one out, thanks!

  4. I have used a few Garnier products in my time but not this! It sounds amazing and I really like gel formulas to liquid as you have more control as it's thicker in density :) xx x

    1. Can I say I kinda fangirled when you commented here? I really like your blog, I think it's awesome and I was like oh great she read my post! :)

      I agree with you with the gel formulas to be liquid! xx

  5. Sounds very good. ;-)
    Lovely greets....

  6. This sounds amazing xo

  7. I'm a huge fan of Garnier skincare products. This sounds really lovely - I definitely will buy this next time I'm in Superdrug xx
    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Let me know if you do!! :) And if it has worked for you as much as it did for me xx

  8. Everything about this product down to the colour of the bottle is just crying out to be bought! Great review :)

    1. I know, right!? I seriously think you will LOVE the smell! Thanks love! (Love yoru blog! xx)


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