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Saturday, 22 February 2014

How to mantain ombré hair

Hello lovelies!

I think we can agree when we say that ombré hair has been a trend for the past two years. If you don't know what ombré hair is, it's when the hair goes from one tone to another, but progressively. For example, from brunette to a caramel tone on the tips, in the middle you're going to find a colour in between.

I have had ombré hair for a month already. It was the first time I dyed my hair and I was a little bit scared. Watching some videos, it seemed like getting ombré hair at home wasn't going to be difficult. However, I decided that someone who was experienced like a hairdresser should get it done for me. And phew! I'm so happy because some people don't know the difference between dip dying your hair and ombré hair and I didn't want to destroy my long, brown hair with a bad ombré hair (because, who are we kidding? When you get your ombré done, you are applying bleach to your hair and that's always bad!)

This is not ombré hair.
My ombré hair.

FYI: This post contains my opinion and I'm by no means an expert on hair or what so ever.

My ombré hair is very subtle. The tips aren't that blonde but there's a difference between my roots and the middle part of my hair. And yes it's damaged. I tend to wash my hair every two days. The first day is great. I tend to apply a hair mask and conditioner besides my shampoo so it doesn't damage my hair too much when I blow dry it.

I use a shampoo that repairs my hair and makes it look shiny. L'ORÉAL ELVIVE NUTRI GLOSS is perfect for that. I use either that one or the dupe from a Spanish brand (Deliplus) because my hair feels the same way.

After using my shampoo, I apply my hair mask. I use a hair mask from the same Spanish brand, Deliplus, which contains liquid gold. Sometimes I doubt it because it's quite cheap but the result is incredible. I leave my hair mask for 5 minutes max and then I wash my hair. It leaves my hair SO perfect, so soft!! I don't use the mask much but I use it up to twice a week.

When it comes to conditioner, any conditioner for dyed hair works because they repair it a little. I use one that I can apply whether my hair is wet or dry with a spray and it makes a difference! Also, some heat protection is very recommended. My conditioner right now is from Deliplus, very normal. It offers me heat protection for dyed hair so it's... yes, incredibly useful! Fructis is amazing in case you want to go for a specific product, I'm a big fan of Garnier.

This is from the exact day I got my ombré done
This is how it looked on Thursday

I think the essential product here is any product that provides you heat protection. Ombré hair is already damaged and if you blow dry it or use any other accessory that can damage it - use any shampoo / mask or conditioner that will protect you from that. And if you live in a sunny place, or you're going to go to the beach / pool in the summer, be prepared!

Do you like ombré hair? Do you have any tips for ombré hair?

I hope you're all having a lovely evening!

Cristina xx


  1. I really like ombre hair. I was thinking of doing it to my own hair, but I really want it darker rather than lighter. It's really pretty on some people, but some also do it a little too drastically which I find tacky. You look gorgeous with it!

    1. I think you should go to a beauty salon :) I mean, they will know how to treat your hair :) Thank you very very much x

  2. I really like the way ombre hair looks. Thanks for sharing!

  3. nice :)

  4. Love ombre hair (:

  5. Ombre is gorgeous but SO damaging to the hair! It's such a shame because it looks so gorgeous :(

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  6. Your hair is so nice! I've always wanted to try ombre hair but I'm so used to having the same blonde hair colour it would be a big scary change!
    Great post as always! :D x

    1. Aw thanks Iz! I think your hair is amazing the way it is but changes are good! I was scared too :( so that's why I went to a beauty salon because I knew I'd screw up! x

  7. Your hair is so beautiful <3 urghh i wanna do it that way too but im just so scared i dont want to damage my hair>_<

    Btw hun i tagged you in "The Liebster Award Tag " if you have time, check it out~~^_^

    1. Thank you so much lovely! You should give it a go because if you take care of it it's worth it <3

      Thanks for tagging me! Unfortunately since I have more than 200 followers I can't do it :(


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