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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Leather effect on nails | Yay or Nay?

Hello lovelies!

Have you ever heard about the leather effect on nails? I had heard about it but never tried them until I got a nail polish from Claire's. My best friend and me would go there and get some every two days because they were 3x2! That was an insane offer plus their colours are beautiful — and I think the quality is also quite good. 

I had been looking for a burgundy colour for a while back then (that was before I got my Burgundy Kiss by Maybelline Color Show) so I got that nail polish instantly without knowing what it would look like!

Claire's Nail Polish Leather Look in Burgundy RRP: 4.99€

Now, I'm quite simple when it comes to nail polish. My best friend loves all the possible colours in the world including combinations and glitter and stuff, but I just love simple colours — and sometimes I'm not a big fan of mate coloured nail polish but sometimes I am — and when I got that nail varnish... It definitely surprised me.

My best friend had also got a wonderful nude with that leather effect and when we tried on... we were impressed, to say the least.
As soon as the nail polish dried, this was how it looked.
(I'm aware I hadn't cleaned the borders, agh!)

It feels as if I had painted badly my nails, as if I had been pushing the brush against my nail and I didn't apply correctly the colour. It feels weird but it looks nice and that's what bugs me a little bit! I have only used it once (well, twice now because I had to take those pictures for you!) and I hate the feeling it gives me when I touch my nails!

Conclusion: Claire's Nail Polish in Burgundy 10ml (Leather Effect) is a NAY for me! Hopefully I'll find a way to like it more but not for now...

Do you own any leather effect nail polish? Would you buy one? 

I hope you're all having a nice day today!

Cristina xx


  1. I personally like leather effect on nails, and I love the shade of this nail varnish! x

    1. I'm glad you do!!! I'm still trying to find a way to like it more! :( The colour is lovely though... xx

  2. I got claire's nail polish's as gifts one year and all they did was chip :( I really love kilo nail polish's though!

    1. Yes! Some of them chip easily :( You usually need to reapply it often...
      You meant Kiko nail polish? Yes! Those are AMAZING :) x

  3. hey! i really like the colour but on the effect...xm...undesided!

  4. I don't have the leather effect but I've tried the sugar coated kind by Sally Hansen. I liked it but not enough to wear it more than once, haha!


    1. I think it's the same effect... It's very interesting just... not enough for me to wear I guess!! xx

  5. I agree, the color is lovely, but I'm not a fan of the finish! Great post though!


    1. Thank you Louise! I'm glad you agree with me! x

  6. Lovely color! Though im not really good coating :(


  7. I have never tried this polish it looks nice but very thick so I am unsure :) x

    Damaris £100 Lingerie Giveaway! X

    1. Yes! Very thick and I just applied it once! :( xx

  8. I'm not a huge fa tbh. I like my nails nice and glossy :)

  9. I say nay. It looks like really bad polish.

  10. nice blog if u wanna follow each other let me know i ll be happy :*

  11. Hmm I haven't tried it before. But I always value the comfort of my nails rather than the style.



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