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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Let me talk to you about...: Equivalenza perfumes

Equivalenza perfume bottle 30ml. RRP: 7,95€

Hello lovelies!

As a student, you may guess that I don't earn much money so sometimes I can't afford buying the brands that I like - sometimes I have to go for dupes. And hey! If the quality is as good, that's amazing. At the end of the day, when you're wearing make up or using a perfume, you don't show the brand everywhere - unlike clothes! Sometimes the brand is literally everywhere.

My favourite perfume is Nina by Nina Ricci. The smells is just so perfect, so fresh and sweet it's really intoxicating. However, again, as a student sometimes I can't afford buying the real thing and this is the story of how I met your mother the brand Equivalenza.

Empty bottle. 30ml.

This brand doesn't sell other brands, they sell fragances that smell the same (that's why this brand is called Equivalenza). I must say that some of them don't really match the scent but that's a mere pesonal opinion because maybe it does smell like the original to another person. I remember my mum and me tried different scents and they were rather similar to other well-known perfumes.

They have three different bottles: 30ml (7,95€), 50ml (11,95€) and 100ml (18,95€). What's even better, you can refill it and you just pay the fragance and not the bottle. In my case, I got the 30ml bottle and if I want to refill it I only need to pay 6,95€. It's just an euro but oh well, it's definitely worth it. 

You don't have to worry about whether they have the perfume you want or not because they usually have all the well-known fragances for men and women - so it honestly makes a great present. 

The reason why I'm writing this post is because I have just run out of perfume and I'm definitely going to get it again. I assure you that, in my case, people can't tell the difference whether I'm using the real thing or not. I can't even tell it myself. 

If you want to see whether there is an Equivalenza shop around you, just click here.

♡ Do I recommend it? Yes
♡ Will I buy it again? Yes

What's your favourite perfume? Did you know about Equivalenza? Would you try it?

I hope you're having an amazing day today!

Cristina xx


  1. This is so interesting, I've never heard about Equivalenza before but will definitely be trying it out now!
    I'm holding a giveaway on my blog and would love for you to check it out -
    Daniela xo

    1. I think it's worth it! Let me know if you do <3

  2. Such a unique concept, thanks for sharing a new brand with me! I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back!


    xo Jess

    1. I will follow you now!! :) So glad you like it x

  3. It's great that Equivalenza makes designer fragrances available as many of them are really quite expensive. My favorite perfume is Stella McCartney. I'll have to check out Equivalenza.

    Thanks for your visit and sweet comment on my Pullip :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. I need to try that out! Equivalenza is so worth it! And you're welcome, I love your pullips xx

  4. This sounds lovely I like anything that smells sweet I have never heard of this brand before so will be checking this perfume out x


    1. I think you will like Nina then, it's sooo delicious! xx

  5. Cool I have never heard of this brand before, sound like a good one to try.


  6. This looks like a brilliant fragrance secret! Thank you for sharing - I wonder if they have any Jo Malone dupes?


    1. I honestly have no idea if they have dupes but they do sell scented things!! x

  7. Sounds like you're very happy with these. I think they sound great personally, and not TOO overpriced! Hurrah!

    Sharlotte //

    1. Hey Sharlotte! I'm very happy indeed :) I think they're very nice and the price is so worth it, that's why I'm repeating! xx


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