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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Review: bargain brushes from DealExtreme

Hello lovelies!

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A few days ago I talked about an order I was expecting. I had ordered some brushes from the website DealExtreme which is a Chinese online shop where you can find anything. It's a really nice place. The only inconvenient I found is that sometimes it takes ages for the order to arrive... this came fairly quickly though! In like 15-18 days! I'm very happy.

They sell brush sets and I was interested in getting one from them. There were plenty of possibilities so I went for this set:

DealExtreme. RRP: 5.55$ (Link)

My pic.

The price was such a great deal (haha! DealExtreme...) and I have never had a bad experience from them so I was like "let's go for it!" I know the colour differs a little but I don't really care, what I care is the quality... and holy bananas! What an amazing quality for just 5$!

This is the case, isn't it cute? Very elegant, in my opinion. It's also very travel friendly. The brushes aren't too big so I think it's great for travelling.

It came like this, plastic everywhere! I think it's great so it preserves the wand and the brush itself. I liked it. The foundation brush had a thicker one as you can see.
The brush is as fluffy as it looks. I haven't tried it out yet on make up but I really liked the touch. It's as soft as any Real Techniques brush, which I think is very convenient in case you don't feel like buying one of those brushes and you just want something cheap you can carry everywhere.

I honestly can't wait to try them out. I'm very happy because this 7pcs set is great. You can have some basics for 5$ and also a great case to carry them around - what's better than that? If you're looking for cheap brushes, I'd definitely go for this.

♡ Do I recommend it? Yes
♡ Is the website reliable? Totally

Have you ever bought bargain brushes?

I hope you have an amazing day today!

Cristina xx


  1. They look really great! And such great value as well! It's so considerate how they package it to avoid damage to the brushes!
    Eden from edenroses xx

  2. They look amazing! The case is really cute and handy! I might have to get some

    -Imogen from highstreetnails

  3. Wow what a steal!

  4. What a bargain!

  5. Great review, I think Realtechniques brushes are affordable and luxurious too. But these looks fab as well!


    1. Yes they are! But I couldn't afford a set now and this seemed nice and very travel friendly so I thought I should go for it!! <3 x

  6. Great article! I`ve been looking for some brushes (the ones from real Technique are a bit over my budget), so I think I`ll give it a try. Have a great day!

  7. Are these synthetic brushes or made from animal hair?

    1. Good point, I noticed I didn't talk about it! They're synthetic x

  8. Great review! Are they synthetic or animal hair? Would love to know!

    Rebekah | Love From Rhj


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