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Monday, 3 March 2014

Barcelona Bound

Hello lovelies! I'm back!

How are you? I'm very good! A little bit tired though because I arrived today and I woke up very early (4 am! Is that early or... late? HAHA!) 
I promised I would come back with a post about the trip and the concert and here I am. I hope you enjoy reading about this!

We arrived on Friday. Our flight had been delayed due to overbooking but we arrived safe and sound to Plaza España where our friends were meeting us. It was so exciting, we hadn't seen each other for a month but some times we spend months without seeing each other. We went to Primark after leaving our luggage in my friends' flat and oh my god... I didn't buy the whole shop but I bought interesting things (no beauty related but I will do a haul post soon!!). My best friend bought so many things too. We don't have Primark where I live and the first time I went to one I couldn't buy anything because it was overcrowded.
After that, we went to an amazing restaurant called König. It was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! You can eat burgers, sandwiches and different meals. The burgers are amazing though! My burger had cheese, tomato, guacamole... mmm! And then to L'Ovella Negra a pub/tavern for (mostly) university students. It was so nice, I really had a lot of fun although I felt kinda tired at the end!

On Saturday I met some friends I don't get to see them enough, and some friends I have been talking to for five years but we never got to see each other! How exciting is that? It was amazing. We went to a tapas bar around Gran Via and I ate the best vegetal sandwich ever with smoked salmon! I forgot to take pictures of that - I was too hungry and excited about it! We went to the venue at around 4ish after eating an ice-cream and doing some improvised shopping. The Pretty Reckless were the opening act and I enjoyed it a lot! However Fall Out Boy was supreme. It was amazing, I enjoyed that concert so much. TIP IF YOU'RE ATTENDING TO THEIR EUROPEAN TOUR: They will perform in two different stages, whether they put a catwalk or a separate stage like they did in Barcelona. If you can't reach the front row of the main stage - don't stress yourself! They perform an acoustic set in that second stage / catwalk. I was in the first row and it was amazing. So intimate. So sweet. They all looked at us but the singer, Patrick Stump, glanced over me a few times as I was singing quietly as he sang, too. (Can I fangirl over him? He's probably one of the sweetest artists around. What a beautiful smile!) Pete Wentz, the bassist, threw a pick at one of my friends so it was very, very cool!
We finished the day having dinner in a random place. Actually, we kind of forced ourselves to eat because we were still excited about the whole thing.

On Sunday we took it easy. We gathered some friends and we had a lovely lunch together at the flat I was staying in. It was very sweet! And then we went for a walk around Barcelona, where we had a nice stop at the We Are Foxy bar. Isn't it awesome? It's as awesome as it looks, plus it's quite cheap! We eventually finished our day at the 100 Montaditos. I believe there are 100 Montaditos everywhere in Spain - you can eat small sandwiches and most of them cost 1,50€ on normal days, 1€ on Wednesdays and Sundays and 0,50€ on Mondays. Yes, exactly!! And the drinks and some other snacks and sweet sandwiches (with chocolate flavoured baguette and cream with oreos, for example!) cost almost the same. It's definitely worth it!

Today I woke up at 4 am as I mentioned and we grabbed our things and left the flat at around 4:45. We took a taxi to the airport because the bus might have taken us a bit later than expected because it was going to arrive 30 mins later than we thought. I haven't slept yet! I'm not even sleepy. I'm still surprised I'm here because everything happened so fast! It was a lovely weekend though and I'm looking forward to going back to Barcelona very, very soon!

PS. Thanks for the lovely comments on my last post and for reaching over 600 followers. You're all so awesome!

Have you ever visited Barcelona? Would you visit it?

I hope you're all having a lovely Monday! 

Cristina xx


  1. Omg I love Fall Out Boy! I saw them live at Leeds Festival last summer - they were amazing. Barcelona looks so pretty as well, Its certainly one of the many places I want to visit haha. Great post :)

    1. They're amazing live! You should definitely go to Barcelona someday. This was like my seventh time visiting that city hahahaha xx

  2. hey! such great pictures!!!creating memories!

    can you like me on facebook?


  3. wow looks amazing!

  4. It looks like you had so much fun! :) When I went to Primark for the first time I almost bought the entire store too, everything was just so cute! x

    1. I did, Ashley! It was wonderful tbh! :) And ughhh Primark, I wanna go back!! xx

  5. How nice to fly out to Spain! Looks like a LOT of fun and congratulations on reaching 600 followers :D

    Stephanie | theFantasia

    1. I'm actually Spanish myself so I've been to Barcelona like around 7 times but it's always super good to come back! Thanks Stephanie! xx

  6. Barcelona is on the list of my places to visit - I love seeing a glimpse of beautiful architecture on your photos! :)

    1. I thought somebody would appreciate Barcelona's architecture! I'm glad you do! I hope you visit it someday xx

  7. Wow, it looks like you had a really great time! Barcelona D: I am truly jealous! Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it, and the concert. Nice pictures!


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