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Friday, 7 March 2014

Beauty Procrastination Tag

Hello everyone!

Some days ago I was tagged in this tag by the wonderful Amy and well, I love tags so since a lot of people enjoyed reading the TMI tag in the past, I thought I would give this a go. Thank you Amy for nominating me! I hope you enjoy reading :)

*Oh yes, the pic... well, that's me at the airport pulling a funny face at my best friend. Yay hahaha!

1. Are you a very open or private person?
I can be open with my closest friends but I love having my privacy and intimacy so I also keep things to myself / very, very few people.

2. If money was no object, where would you move to?
England, for sure.

3. Who was the last person to make you cry?
My boyfriend made me tear up after saying something really beautiful, hahaha!

4. Is there a song that can bring you to tears instantly? 
Yes, definitely. Beside You by 5 Seconds of Summer and Angels by Robbie Williams.

5. Do you believe in soul mates?
Yes. I believe there's someone for everyone and there's someone out there that can be your soulmate, who can understand you like no one else can and completes you. 

6. What age to people usually mistake you for?

7. What are you wearing?
Electric blue blouse and skinny jeans.

8. Have you ever been in love? 

9. How tall are you? 

10. How much do you weigh? 
Around 78kg last time I weighed and that was a while. Still dropping some pounds!

11. Any piercings? 
I've got both ears pierced. My left ear, though, was pierced twice! And also I've got a piercing on my nose.

12. Favourite TV show?
New Girl, Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, Community, Teen Wolf, My Mad Fat Diary

13. Quality you look for in a partner? 
I love it when guys are funny and are themselves and don't need to act cool to impress someone.

14. Favourite quotation?
"What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." Friederich Nietzsche.

15. Fears? 
I'm scared of fire and I find it hard to light up stuff with normal lighters. I need to use kitchen lighters because I know I'm not close to the fire. Also, I'm scared of vomiting. And I hate cockroaches and I scream everytime I see one.

16. What is your daily beauty routine?
I clean my face in the mornings with my Garnier Pure Active Energy Gel and then I use my foundation if I find it necessary, sometimes I have a really good skin day that I only use concealer or powder. I'm currently using the Match Perfection foundation and I go for a natural look with my Naked Basics and a lip gloss.

17. When going out somewhere how long does it take you to get ready? 
Around 15 minutes. Sometimes half an hour.

18. How organised is your makeup and nail polish collection? 
I try to keep it organised but I suck at organising things. Really.

I nominate:

And anyone who feels like doing this tag! 

I hope you're having a great day! 

Cristina xx


  1. Love reading these kinds of posts! Intrigued as to why you'd like to move to the UK... I live there and would love a break from the place! :p Number 6 made me laugh, I'd be fuming if people thought I looked 5 years younger than I was!! And as for number 15, they are all EXACTLY the same as my fears! xx

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

    1. Hey Hannah! <3 I'd love to move there because it seems so different from Spain... well the whole UK does, and it's so appealing to me!! I'm crossing my fingers for my Erasmus application to go through successfully to study there next year. AND YES! They barely think I look more than 18 but often 16!! I'm so glad I'm not alone when it comes to my fears hahahaha!! xx

    2. Not long ago I felt the same about UK but now I can't say I feel the same excitement haha. It gets better though, as the weather got a loooot nicer :) Great post xx

  2. Thanks for nominating me Christina!

    When I get round to doing it i'll let you know!

    We definitely need to chat more too - your such a lovely girl! If you have Facebook you should add me!

    Lots of love

    Rebekah xx

    1. Aw you're so sweet Rebekah! We surely do so I added you on facebook now!! :) Let me know if you do it, I'll love reading it! :D xx

  3. Loved this tag, I just followed you, you have such a beautiful blog. Very feminine and classy, loved it! I also hate cockroaches, they're disgusting haha. xoxo


    1. Thanks for following!! I'm glad you like my blog and ugh yes cockroaches suck :( xx

  4. Thanks for nominating me! I'll get right on it tomorrow after work! :)
    Great favourite TV shows, I'm only just up to date with Community, I love it so much!
    And I'm the same about fire, I always get someone else to light things for me. Good job I'm not a smoker! :P xx

    1. You're welcome I! :) Oh I'm glad you're also a Community fan! It's great, isn't it? HAHA that's what I think about when I think about my fear of fire. If I were a smoker I'd be so doomed xxx

  5. This is a really fun post/tag idea! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. Haha great job! This seems like a cool tag I might try it too :P Even though I wasn't really tagged. I have a friend who is crazy about Teen Wolf. I have yet to try it :P

    Check out my post on why life is AMAZING:

    1. Yes sure, you should do it! This tag is very fun :) And Teen Wolf is aaaaaaamazing x

  7. fun tag. loved reading it. i love your blog layout :) so pretty!
    -angel of

  8. Hey! Great post I just came across
    your blog and I love it! It would
    be amazing if you could visit my blog too.
    We can also follow each other if you like! :)

    very nice!!! thanks for sharing

  9. I love Big Bang Theory toooooooo and gonna check out the 2 songs! ;)

    With Love,
    Anna l Curly Scribbles


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