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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Crissy Chats #4 Online Purchases: be careful and know your rights!

Hello everyone!

It seems like these days I don't seem to post much. Lately I've been slightly busy with uni and I don't get to post much. Sometimes I prefer quality over quantity and I'd rather have a slow week when it comes to posts than writing posts daily without really knowing what I'm writing. 

Overall my week has been pretty nice (even if we obviate the fact that I fell asleep on Friday and I couldn't go to class) I have been going to the gym or exercising at home. When it comes to some workouts, I'd rather do them at home because I don't feel like doing it at gym... even a simple squat! I know it's silly but yes! For example I'm following Daily XHIIT workouts for toning my torso and legs, and I feel ridiculous doing those exercises at gym so I'd rather do them at home hahaha!

Enough with the life update! Let's get down to business!

Online Purchases: be careful and know your rights

Remember how last week I talked about Buyincoins? [LINK] I read some comments about people willing to try out the Naked replicas there. I don't know if you're aware that it seems like getting the Naked 3 replicas are now harder because they are selling fake Naked 3 replicas (yes, a fake of a fake!) and they sell completely different colours so be careful if you do! 

Found here
Some replicas are good replicas, but some others are... well, these. Interesting though because I believe they have even changed the names. Those colours belong to other palettes anyway...
Same happens with some Naked Basics replicas. Depending on which one you buy, you get the exact replica or you get six random eyeshadow colours from a Naked palette. So yes! I would definitely advice you to be careful because I know that it's something that has been happening in Buyincoins and Aliexpress. I wanted to get that replica but for now I'm expecting the Naked 2 one.

Anyway, some replicas are sold for 30$ but the ones on Buyincoins are sold up to 10$ (although right now they're about max 6$) so it's not a big loss. However, some girls that have experienced this have sent a complaint to them because it's obviously NOT how they show it on the website. If at least they had said "assorted colours" they would have an excuse, but they didn't so complain to them because Buyincoins are usually really nice about these things and they either refund you partially or give you virtual coins to buy something from them again or whatever...

How to avoid and detect replicas:

  1. Most of the original products - if not all of them - come with a serial number, probably 4-5 digits. Look for it. 
  2. Check posts comparing replicas and originals.
  3. Don't trust websites that aren't official retailers. I'm not saying eBay won't be selling an original Naked palette for an incredible offer, but it's definitely not common.
    I once bought an OPI nailpolish from eBay and it was an original one. It cost me 5$ + 5$ P&P, which makes half of the price for an OPI nailpolish here in Spain. It was worth it and it came with its serial number. (If you're interested, I can give you the link - they ship worldwide from USA)
If you have received a replica (when you bought it thinking it was original)
  1. Use your logic. If you buy something that its RRP is 40$ and they sell it for 6$, it's definitely not going to be real. If you want to go for it, then that's okay, but don't expect the real one.
  2. If the picture doesn't match what you've received, send a complaint. It's your right to demand what they show. They will usually give you a refund.
  3. Read the conditions of the item you purchased. Do they sell it as an ORIGINAL ITEM or are they aware that they are selling a REPLICA? This is easy. If they sell it as URBAN DECAY NAKED BASICS PALETTE and they NEVER say it's just a palette similar to that one / a replica, they they're selling it as the original. However, if they sell it as "Eyeshadow palette with six different nude colours" but the picture they show is the Naked Basics... well, it's fake.
  4. IF YOU BOUGHT IT ON EBAY please keep in mind you are guaranteed your refund as ALL YOUR PURCHASES are protected under the "eBay Buy Protection" rule. If you don't get what you pay for, if your item gets lost, if what you buy is FAKE... you're guaranteed a full refund back.
My heart broke into tiny little pieces when I saw some girls excited about receiving their Naked palette and posting pictures on instagram and how they were told it was fake. I wouldn't like any of this to happen to any of my followers!

I found this on Google but I don't know the original source so if you know it let me know and I will put it here.

My tips work for all kind of purchases you do online. Or at least they should apply to most of them like MAC lipsticks, Urban Decay palettes, OPI nailpolish...

I'll be posting my review as soon as it arrives - and yes, I bought a replica knowing it was a replica. That's why I bought it since I can't afford the real thing. I've been following the hashtag #buyincoins on instagram because they always write about their orders and how fast they arrive. There are plenty of Spanish people who receive it in two weeks which is quite fast!

I really hope you found this post useful and that it helps you in your future purchases!

Have you ever bought something you thought it was real but turned out to be fake?


  1. what a useful post!


  2. Very useful and interesting post!



    1. I'm glad you think so Charli and thank you! xxx

  3. Such a useful post! Although I`m a bit addicted to online shopping when it comes to clothes, when it comes to makeup I always get products from stores. I`m too lazy for research so in store I know I`ll get the real deal:))

    1. I'm a mix of both to be honest! Depending on some things, I wanna go to the store and get it myself... but sometimes I wanna get something cheaper! In my case, that OPI nailpolish was because I couldn't find it anywhere here and it was a present for my best friend! Thanks for reading!! xx

  4. Hiii! This has happened to me, I managed to buy a fake of Benefit's 'High Beam'. But, to be honest, I should have realised when it was only £5! haha. I think I have learnt my lesson.
    Also, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award yaaay :D xx

    1. Oh that's bad sorry about that Iz! I mean if it's a good replica and you don't mind I think it's ok, but if you bought almost the exact price for a fake... yes that would get me on my nerves! Thanks for the nomination Iz!! x

  5. This is really useful! I would so hate it if something I paid for as original turned out to be fake, especially if it's the Naked 3 palette!
    Eden from edenroses xx

    1. Yes! That would be an awful experience!! :(


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