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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Review: HASK Haircare Products

Hello lovelies!

About a month ago I got in touch with Hask and they allowed me to try their haircare products. I thought it was an amazing oportunity for me to discover a new brand and when I saw what they were selling I was in awe. Keratin protein and Argan oil haircare products! I had to try them!

On Thursday I received this parcel from HASK* after my other parcel getting stuck on custom service, the people from Hask were super kind and sent my parcel again. And here it is! Isn't it gorgeous? It comes with so many things and I was so excited about them like it was Christmas!

The parcel came perfectly with this cute bathroom caddy in pink. I wonder if they knew I love pink? Because I do! 

I received their shampoos, conditioners and repairing oils. Having ombré hair, you can guess it's pretty damaged and I really wanted to try out products that would help my hair look healthier and all these products claim to repair damage hair and bring some shiny/glossy looks to your hair.


Keratin Protein will give dry, frizzy hair a miracle makeover by strengthening & smoothing every strand from the inside out.

These products were the first ones I tried out. I was already intoxicated by the smell, so fruity, it kind of smelled like strawberries to me. It was my "hair wash" day when I received it so I took the chance and had a shower. Firstly, I applied the Keratin Protein Smoothing Shampoo (355ml)*. The smell was so sweet! In my opinion, it's super concentrated so you don't need to put a big amount of shampoo to cover all your hair... and my hair is quite long! I massaged it and I rinsed it, my hair was already feeling quite soft. After that, I applied the Keratin Protein Smoothing Conditioner (355ml)* - again, pretty concentrated, and it also felt thicker than the shampoo, so no need to put a lot of it. My hair already smelled delicious.

I opened the Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner (50g)* and applied just a tiny bit. I didn't think it was necessary since I had already used the smoothing conitioner bottle but I wanted to try the small bottle of oil and they go together.
After rinsing my hair again, I dried it a little bit with the towel and then I opend my Keratin Protein Smoothing Lightweight Shine Oil (18ml)* and I poured a small bit on my finger tip just to spread it over my hair, moving it, focusing from the middle parts to the tips, never reaching the roots.

And bam! I blow dried it! Pictures will never do justice to how my hair looked so gorgeous, so shiny and glossy and also looked pretty healthy. I could run my fingers through my hair smoothily, they wouldn't get stuck because my tips are messy and tangled. I'm super happy with these products. This is definitely a must for me since I have ombré hair because the results are visible the very first wash!


It's no wonder they call Argan Oil the "Miracle Oil"! Revive & restore the look of dry, damaged & rebellious hair.

I never expected these products to smell the way they do - like tangerines! I like it a lot. The smell is so fresh and sweet and I was a little bit worried that they would make my hair smell like I had been eating tangerines and touching my hair after that. I'm glad that doesn't happen, though.

For these products, I repeated the same routine. Firstly, I used my Argan Oil Repairing Shampoo (355ml)* while I was still shocked by the smell. Again, the same feeling. My hair already felt so soft after I rinsed it.
I opened my Argan Oil Repairing Conditioner (355ml)* bottle to pour some on my hands and spread it all over my hair, massaging my head a little while doing so.
After applying a tiny bit -again- of my Argan Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner (50g)* I dried it a little with my towel. (Fun fact: I always listen to music when I shower so I doing mundane tasks like that one are so much fun with an upbeat song) Pouring a tiny bit of Argan Oil Repairing Lightweight Shine Oil (18ml)* on my finger tips, I started spreading it all over my hair.

The result is very similar to the Keratin Protein haircare products by Hask. My hair feels shiny and smooth, and my tips don't look damaged at all.

I had been using religiously my Schwarzkopf shampoo and I personally think Hask provided me a better look for my hair than Schwarzkopf did. Mind you, I still love Schwarzkopf, but, in my opinion, Hask provides me better products for my hair.

You can find these products in Primark and Walmart, but also you can order them from Amazon!

♡ Do I recommend them?
Yes. Definitely!!
♡ Will I buy them again?
These products can't be found here where I live (sadly!) but if they were, I would definitely buy them all over again.

Thank you so much to HASK for giving me the chance to try out these products and for being so kind with me all the time! This was such an amazing experience.

Did you know about this brand? Have you ever tried their products before?

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  1. I never heard of HASK until now :-) I like the packaging of the bottles, too, haha. Where is HASK from? The US? We don't have a Primark neither Walmart here, but after reading your blog-post, I probably would've bought either one or more of their products next time I went shopping :-) nice post, love!! -Kim

    1. Hask is great! They are from the US! You should try their products by buying them on Amazon! They are great! Love you Kim!!

  2. Wow amazing review! I actually have a few hask hair products in my drawer I bought from a salon website and just love how natural they are <3 Cheaper alternative to the macadamia brand and just as good in my opinion :) xx

    1. They are super natural indeed! And my hair couldn't look prettier <3 I'm glad you like them Jenny! Xx

  3. wow, the brand was really generous! These sound lovely and I need some new hair products....looks like I need to check this brand out!

    1. They were super generous indeed!! You should check them out, I will be so sad when I run out of them :(

  4. These sound lovely, cannot wait to check them out. They're so good to have sent all of this stuff to you!

    1. I agree with you! They sent me so many things I was so impressed hahaha! I hope you check them out! xx

  5. Wow, lucky girl getting to try all those lovely products out! They sound great too :)

    Hollie x

    1. Thank you Hollie! I do feel veeeery lucky! I am in love with this brand ♡ they are so generous and nice! XX

  6. They look great! I think the packaging is lovely, which is always a plus for me. :)

  7. They are great indeed!! Thanks for the comment ♥♥


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