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Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Sunshine Award

Hello everone!

A few days ago, Iz from I is for Iz nominated me to the Sunshine Award and I thought this would be an interesting tag to do so here I am! Thank you Iz for the nomination! 


1. Display the award. 
2. Say "thank you" to the wonderful person that nominated you. 
3. Share 10 interesting things about yourself. 
4. Nominate some of your favourite blogs. 
5. Link to the nominated blogs, and share the news with them!

10 (interesting?) FACTS ABOUT MYSELF

  1. I speak four languages fluently (Spanish, Catalan, English and Italian) and I want to learn more!
  2. I'm very perfectionist most of the times with the things I do.
  3. I can also be pretty hard on myself and very critic.
  4. I used to be into the Japanese dolls world (Blythe, pullips, BJD...) I own three and one of my projects back then was to create a blog specific for them, with outfits and cute things. I haven't 100% discarded that project yet.
  5. I'm officially an Apple girl: I have had almost all their products and now I'm the owner of a white iPhone 4S!
  6. In the future, I would like to own a pug. I love dogs in general and I wouldn't mind adopting another breed, of course, but pugs have conquered my heart!
  7. Although I'm studying English Studies at university, I'm willing to become a writer / scriptwriter / director in the future and my biggest dream is probably taking one of my stories to the big screen... or TV!
  8. I love videogames. 
  9. I like sport events - I've attended to several football matches and a MotoGP race in the past.
  10. I have a serious obsession with beanies, rings, sunglasses and cute phone cases.
And now I nominate EVERYONE who wants to do this tag and specially these ladies <3

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you so much for reading and if you want to do this tag on my comments section, please feel free to do it! I'd love to know more about you!


  1. Congrats:) And best of luck on your screenwriting dream!
    xx Melanie

  2. Aw wow I am so jealous you can speak all those languages! I learnt Spanish for 3 years in high school but I've forgotten most of it now ahah :(

    1. I speak two of them because I live in Mallorca and we speak both Catalan and Spanish so they come naturally (although my parents are Spanish speakers, I learnt Catalan at school) and I learnt English at school, too! Italian was because I wanted to learn it just because hahaha! So I learnt it on my own. If you ever need help with Spanish, let me know! hahahaha xx

  3. I've never seen this award before but it looks really interesting. I love English, and I think you're super talented that you can speak all those languages fluently! I think you should definitely go for your dreams, maybe I could even write the script for you... I love writing :) Videogames rock. But I play a lot of app games or DS not really playstation and all those. Sports are awesome. Do you watch basketball? It's what I play :3 I go through obsessions too... you've seen my owl one! Also, I am very perfectionist myself and very hard on myself. Makes me the best I can be but a bit demoralizing at times. I can't really change anymore and so I just keep striving to be a better person myself.

    1. Thank you Olivia you're always so nice. I don't tend to watch basketball but that's awesome that you play it!! :) xxx

  4. Congratulations! I love Mallorca - We have a place up in Pollenca x

    View Ollie's Blog

    1. Thank you! Omg, Pollença is SO nice! x


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