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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Crissy loves Fanny Crown

Hello everyone!

I'm back with a new post, a bit different from what you may expect here. By the beginning of April, I was contacted by Fanny Crown to participate in their contest. It was easy: I had to pick a dress from their collection and explain how would I wear it and style it. The difficult part was actually choosing the dress since all of them were beautiful! But I finally made up my mind...

Le chant des sirènes

Once upon a time there was a beautiful dress in Fanny Crown with a lovely coral colour that was calling my name. Its gems around the cleavage, making it sensual yet classy and its long coral skirt made me want it badly. It was dreamy, lovely, a dress you would see any Disney princess wearing in a royal ball. It needed to be mine.


I had a ball to attend - kind of. My cousin's wedding, set in the wonderful Bellver Castle here in Mallorca in September. It is one of the most wonderful castles I've ever visited and not only because it's in my island but also because it's one of the few circular castles that remain in Mallorca. Located on top of a hill, like the fairytale castles, with the bay of Palma surrounding it, this specific dress would suit me perfecty. As it says in the picture le chant des sirènes, I would feel like a wonderful mermaid in that dress but also like the princess I have always wanted to be when I was a little girl - because, let's be honest, who hasn't dreamt of wearing a princess gown and feel like one for once in their lives?

But if I'm going to dress like a mermaid - or a princess mermaid like Ariel - I need to style my hair accordingly. Taking into account that my hair has ombré hair and it's long, I thought I would use that on my advantage to make it look sunkissed and wonderful. The ombré hair will look perfect with this hairstyle, as the curls will help enhance the colour shades and it will look wonderful with that dress.


Since my hair would be sided and falling like a waterfall on my shoulder, I should accessorize my small ears. These remind me of pearls from the ocean, perfect for the theme of my dress. They would look wonderful on my ears and I think they suit my dress perfectly.

Blue Nile Mini Circle Bracelet in 14k Yellow Gold

I would definitely wear a nice bracelet, not too huge or with plenty of gems since I would already draw all the attention with the top of the dress. I thought this one was beautiful, specially because of the small circles that represent karma and destiny. I think it's such a gorgeous bracelet any girl could wear, very elegant and meaningful too.
CHARLES & KEITH Magnetic Closure Clutch

I would need a beautiful clutch to match my dress and I think this one would suit it perfectly as it's the same colour of that dress. It's simple but beautiful, and again, I didn't want it to be full of gem stones or really extravagant. I like it simple, and I think it suits perfectly the essence of the dress.
Nude Waleo high heel platform court shoes

A princess should walk her way to her destiny, right? Those shoes would be perfect for that dress. Their pastel colour is perfect for the dress, the weather, the atmosphere. And although I'm as clumsy with heels as a mermaid would be with her new pair of legs, the occasion requires it and so does the dress. A gown like that needs a beautiful pair of shoes to match.


For this dress I want a subtle make up look. I think that the Naked 3 would give me that look I want for my eyes - just check at this wonderful eye make up. I think it's gorgeous and perfect for the dress. I love pink and I love pink shimmery colours - so I think the Naked 3 palette would give me that perfect look.

Coral Lipstick Lip Paint- Flaunt. In Tube

These coral lips would be perfect, too. Aha, coral again! Hoping that I will be tanned by September - and taking into account that in September it's still summer in Mallorca - the colour would look perfect on my tanned skin.

And finally, I would wear the wonderful OPI Kiss On The Chic I recently purchased. The final touch to this summerish/pink gown for the perfect ball. How curious - the dress is called Chic Sweetheart and I'd be wearing Kiss on the Chic! Everything would match perfectly. Maybe it's only a matter of time that this dress comes to me, like it's meant to be! Pure destiny. :-)

And they lived happily ever after!


  1. This sounds so dreamy! I love the way you posted your entry like a story and every piece is perfect - hope you win you should do!

    Hollie x

    1. Hollie that's so sweet!! :-) I'm glad you liked it, and I hope I win it too! That'd be lovely hahaha! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Omg, I know! I'm so in love with it!

  3. I love this post - I could've read it if it had gone on and on, I love the way you've written it as if it's a fairytale. Very unique!
    Daniela | danielascribbles xo

    1. Daniela! <3 That means a lot to me! They will choose the winner among the best styled and best originally presented... so I really wanted to do something different! :') I'm glad you liked it!! x

  4. Amazing!! I really want the Naked Palette and just love the polish shade! :') xx
    Real Techniques Core Collection Giveaway

    1. Thank you Jenny!! The polish shade is gorgeous, I'm using it a lot hihi!! xx


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