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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Let me talk to you about...: Benefits of rosehip

Hello lovelies!

I have recently bought this small bottle of rosehip oil. I have heard wonders of how rosehip may improve your skin and I thought I would give it a go. My best friend was the one to recommend me this bottle (30ml, 6,20€ from Deliplus) and I have been trying it for a few days already.

Rosehip oil is very benefitial for dry skin and also for damaged skin. If you have scars or red stretch marks, Rosehip oil claims to regenerate that part of your skin.

So far so good. My face has been dry lately and I have had a few zits that I found horrible and I wanted to get rid of them badly. I applied some drops of rosehip oil on top of my fingertips and applied them gently around my face before massaging it slowly. 

At first I felt my face oily - which is natural - but then my face felt quite soft. Some of my zits are dry and one of them has successfully disappeared after cleaning my face. It sounds gross, I know, but it simply fell. 

However, about other parts of my body where I applied this oil, the process is slow. It has been working so far to my best friend, so I'm positive it will work with me too. For example, ever since I started gym I got some ugly stretch marks (noooooooobody likes stretch marks, no matter how may of us women have them) so I really wanted to get rid of them. I applied small drops of oil twice a day on those zones but, as I said, the process is quite slow.

To conclude, so far I say YES to Rosehip oil if you have dry skin or damaged skin. It's amazing how a few drops can improve your skin!

Have you ever tried rosehip oil before?


  1. I have some acne scarring on my face and have debating buying rose hip oil for so long - this review has definitely sealed the deal and I'm now searching the internet to place an order! Thanks for the wonderful review.
    Daniela | danielascribbles xo

    1. I'm very happy you liked this review!! I can say now that I have seen progress on my stretch marks! :) They are disappearing!

  2. Hello, I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Bogger award.
    You can check it out on my blog.


  3. I love rose hip oil and also received a few samples once with an order I made on a website but still haven't got around to buying the full thing <3 I love it for scarring and redness it helps the skin heal and gives amazing moisture x

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    1. Yes!! It gives an amazing moisture, I love how my skin fills after I apply a few drops!! xx

  4. I'm going to check this out now. I have some acne on my chin that refuses to go away.

    1. Me too! That's why I have been applying it lately. I can already see an improvement in my face!


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