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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Crissy Chats #7: The "2 minutes a day" challenge

Hello lovelies!

Though I have two posts on drafts I really wanted to post, I have decided to bring the Crissy Chats post back to talk about the "2 minutes a day" challenge.

I wonder if you have ever read Hello Giggles - if not, please do! A bunch of great women run that website but they also write very interesting articles like the Thought Catalog website. A reader wrote an interesting article about how a bottle of lotion changed the way she sees her body. Let's say that even though I can say that I feel very confident with myself and my body most of the times, I'm a girl and I have my days. I read this article the day they published it and I decided to go ahead and do it.  

To sum the article up, she says that she had been massaging the zones of her body with lotion for two minutes daily after shower. Yes, easy, right? Wait I almost forgot! She massaged the zones she less liked about herself.

After reading the article I noticed that it's true. When we don't like a part of our body, we kind of neglect it. I'm not my abdomen's biggest fan, nor my thigh's biggest fan. I concentrate on my face with plenty of face masks, or my arms... but not those parts.

So I actually prepared the set. I bought a new set of body milk and scrub to try it out. The smell is intoxicating, so wonderful, so fresh - it feels like you're in a relaxing place, like the typical perfect beach or beach lounge, or beach hotel... whatever you want! And after the shower I started with the challenge. 

I did not feel terror or anxiety or "oh my god I want to stop" I just tried to be as loving with those parts of my body as I am with the rest of it...

... and it makes a difference. 

I apply religiously some lotion, my rosehip oil, everything that makes my body smell good and feel soft. And I like it. I like it because I'm taking care of it. Why should we neglect parts of our body just because we don't like them? No, no. We should just care about them a bit more. Don't we hate when we get a zit on our face or when it feels oily? Don't we try to fix it and take care of it? I believe this is exactly the same.

You see, I'm trying to live a healthy life - I try to eat well, do exercise and drop the pounds I know my body doesn't need and have my oh-so dream body but to be honest, why can't a woman make her body her dream body? (I said woman but I know men suffer from this, too!) I know there aren't miraculous ways to get what you want fast, you just need to insist, and be patient.

This challenge may seem dumb, but it's actually quite encouraging. You learn to care more about yourself, and I think that's the real deal here.

I encourage everyone who has felt a bit down or self conscious about their bodies to pursue a healthy life and to enjoy spending 2 mins a day taking care of their trouble zones.

It's all about body acceptance, not body shaming. 


  1. awh such a lovely post

  2. Oh my gosh that's a brilliant idea! Genius! Off to put some lotion on my thighs :-)

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Use a sweet lotion, it improves sooooo much xx

  3. beautiful post! so true! very nice!


  4. aww love this post! Wish I could feel good about my body

    1. I'm sure you have a wonderful body to be proud of - everyone does. It just takes baby steps to appreciate it <3


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