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Monday, 5 May 2014

Miles in style: Nike Revolution 2 + Running Playlists

Good morning early birds!

(If you aren't reading this in your morning, then this is awkward...)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, spending ban - I GET IT... don't make me feel bad about getting them! >:( actually my parents bought them as they refunded me the money for some reason? I LOVE YOU MUM AND DAD) Hahaha, just kidding! Aren't they lovely, though? I really needed new trainers and I was actually going to buy the Nike Free Run 5.0 but I honestly did not want to spend 100+ euros on shoes...

These Nike cost (... *drum roll* 36 EUROS. I know!! What a steal! They actually cost 40 but they were selling them a bit cheaper in this new shop - probably becuse it's new? - so I couldn't resist. The colours are wonderful, so bright and girly! And it's actually coral pink and not red so I love it. They are very comfy and I can't wait to start running with them. I used to use my mum's trainers - I KNOW, so bad! - but now I have my own.

(On a side note, I'd like to thank Nike for giving me the title for this post... they replied that to me on Twitter after I sent them their pic. Cool community manager! :-D)

Some of you enjoyed my first post about health and fitness so I want to share with you my favourite playlists for running and workout in general:

There is a way to download those songs however illegal, I assume? The software was called 8hacks and I'm sure it's around the internet. I have those playlists on my iPod - or at least, some of the songs - and after my exams I promise to put up a playlist for you to listen and inspire you to run and workout if you're interested.

Again apologies for my lack of posts and response to your comments and on your blogs - I've been quite busy but I will catch up, I promise! I have my last exam on Thursday (midterm exam though *sigh*) and I have some posts coming up soon! Stay tuned!

Are you a runner? Do you like to work out - even just walking everyday a little bit?


  1. Used to run the 100m so you can establish from that I don't have the stamina for long runs haha! But do enjoy it. Love the colour of these trainers!

    Hollie X

    1. Wow 100m! I don't think I can run that? HAHAHAHAHA well I never count it I just end up feelign suffocated. I'm glad you enjoy running!! And thank you!! x

  2. I used to run track but it ended about a week ago, and I've been so busy revising I haven't had the chance to run...I definitely have a love/hate relationship with it! Good luck with your exam! :)

  3. Bueno Aku ya sabes que me encantan, no sé dónde los podré encontrar aquí por ese precio, aunque no llevo deportivos de normal pero son tan boniiitos *__*


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