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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

To infinity and beyond

Hello lovelies!

Short post today but I wanted to share with you something I bought last week in a cheeky shopping spree - which was quite small but anyway, it was a shopping spree. 

I'm a total sucker for rings and one of the rings I have always wanted to get since I saw that Tiffanny's was selling it was the infinity ring (I know, typical white girl ring and symbol). I thought about getting one which was covered in silver but not 100% silver but I didn't want it to get all greeny and weird. 

I thought about buying a ring online but I wasn't sure about my size (my finger is super small and thin so I just go for it and try it out) and yes I've bought rings online but they're like SURPRISE SURPRISE, WILL IT FIT YOUR FINGER? I guess I'm about that life... 

However, the other day I saw this ring and it was sterling silver. It was 9,95€ at Iam and I wasn't sure whether I should go for it or not, but the woman said: "If you've found your size, you're lucky. These rings are gone everyday!"

It's so thin and simple and I couldn't say no, so here it is on my finger. (I had an awkward moment when the woman tried to put it on me and just slid it halfway and said "oops, that's something your partner should do!")

I think I'm in love with a ring.

Do you wear rings? 


  1. I love the infinity symbol. Partly because I love Toy Story, and am an engineer who loves space. I am lucky enough to have a necklace and bracelet with it! The ring is on my wishlist.
    Fie xx
    Coffee & Confetti

    1. Oh that's wonderful!! I love Toy Story too!! I hope you get your ring soon xx

  2. Beautiful! I love the infinity sign xxx


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