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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Crissy Chats #15: 30 before 30

Hello everybody!

So a couple of days ago I saw this post on someone's blog - although it wasn't the first time I saw it. SORRY, I don't remember whose blog was it but if I find it I'll link it!
I thought it would be something nice to write about on Sunday - as you know, it's Crissy Chats Sunday so here's a bit more about me! 

I'll be coming back to this post everytime I do something from this list!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

"IT" by Alexa Chung

 Hello sunshines!

(The following post may contain spoilers)

So I finally received this book that has been on plenty of bloggers and critics' mouth this past year. It is the very first book by Alexa Chung IT.

Let me tell you that it's a wonderful book - outside. I love the cloth cover, the name typography, her eye, everything. It's just very cute. I love the smell of it, too. (Some people sniff cocaine, I sniff books)

In all honesty, I've read more bad reviews than good reviews or reviews that only say things like "it's a good book to spend some time with" and I remember a review which said something along the lines of "it reads just like a blog."

Tuesday, 22 July 2014



So a few days ago I went to LUSH.  As you may know, my obsession with Lush is getting serious here. I had promised myself I wouldn't get there as I've got a few products I still haven't used enough. (I don't want to disrespect my products by not using them...) However, I tried a sample of a shampoo and I told myself I'd buy the whole thing. In Spanish is Mi Primo Zumo y Sol but in English is I love Juicy. It helps greasy hair and makes it shiny and nice - plus it smells so fruity!

I've always been quite interested in buying a bottle even though they're quite expensive. I remember I told myself  "7€ for a 100mg bottle? Hell no." But I tried the sample and I noticed that I didn't need much shampoo to wash my hair that I thought I would give it a go.

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Hello everyone!

Today is Sunday and that means CRISSY CHATS! If you're new here or you don't know what it is, Crissy Chats is a Sunday post in which I post about personal things or I simply ramble about things. I also take the chance to put the tags here so I thought the quiz fit perfectly on my blog today.

I saw this on a blog from a reader and I thought it would be so awesome to do so here it is! Something different for you to get to know me a bit better. If you wanna do it to just click here and check the main post of many different bloggers who have done it. Isn't it cool to feel famous just for one day? Sometimes you need that on a Sunday.

I invite everyone to do it and if you don't feel like it, you can tell me your answers on the comments as I'd love to get to know all of you a bit more!

I hope your weekend has been great. What have you been up to? 

I would like to take this chance to tell you that I've been nominated in the GET NOTICED BLOG AWARDS as the Quirkiest Blog so... thank you! That's an interesting category. If you'd like to vote me and get to know a big bunch of awesome bloggers, you should click here!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

The unexpected fashion haul

Aloha everybody!

Geez, it's hot today! It's starting to get really, really hot in Mallorca. Way too sunny, way too humid... but still I went on a walk with my parents and we all ended up buying some things. My parents are so good to me and decided to pay for all these things I'm about to show you.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

WEDNESDAY WISHLIST: An Intro to Rock on Ruby

Hello everyone!

This week I've discovered such an interesting brand. If you know me, you'll know I'm a sucker for graphic t-shirts and slogan t-shirts in general. They're called Rock On Ruby and they sell the smartiest slogan tees I've ever seen. I'd wear them all! And guess what? They have a Blogger category because, well, if you're a blogger, you have to show it off!

The people working at Rock On Ruby are pretty awesome and kind - and they told me they enjoyed my blog! And that's great because I enjoy their brand and how communicative they are with bloggers. As social media users, they remind me a tad of Makeup Revolution's community managers so brownie points for ROR!

I wanted to share with you my top 4 tees from ROR and the reasons why they're my four favourite tops. Although they sell plenty of crop tops, I don't feel comfortable wearing crop tops at the moment so I picked some loose tees that I hope you like as much as I do.

1. DON'T WORRY BE YONCE: This was actually designed by a blogger ( and I think the slogan is so funny and amazing that, seriously, I need this t-shirt. Badly. This is from their Blogger Collection.

2. I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON: Self explanatory... This is from their Slogan tees collection.

3. GLEN COCO: I love Mean Girls! This t-shirt is funny, I would love to trick people into thinking I'm wearing something fancy instead of the name of a character from a movie reference. This is from their Mean Girls collection - ISN'T IT COOL?!

4. CRYING ON THE INSIDE LIKE A WINNER: They have a fit collection and this t-shirt is from there. It's actually a quote from the movie "The Other Woman" and I love it, and the meaning behind is awesome. It's such a motivating t-shirt!

But wait, if this isn't enough for you... how about I tell you YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN T-SHIRT?  Exactly. They allow you to create your own slogan and they print it for you and send it your way. Isn't it awesome? It's cool that they allow you to create your own things. And I think it's pretty affordable too. But if that wasn't enough, how about I tell you I have an EXCLUSIVE discount code for you?!

Yes, yes, you've heard me! Or... read me. If you buy anything from the shop, you can use the code MYCUPOFTEA10 for you to get an 10% off your order! Works with anything you buy from GIRLYNIGHTSOUT ( so don't miss your chance and get it!

Overall this brand is great and I myself can't wait to get something. I'm glad I got in touch with them and offered me to give my readers a little treat! That was super nice from them.

I would like to take this chance to tell you that I've been nominated in the GET NOTICED BLOG AWARDS as the Quirkiest Blog so... thank you! That's an interesting category. If you'd like to vote me and get to know a big bunch of awesome bloggers, you should click here!

Monday, 14 July 2014

FOTD: That time I pretended to be a Kardashian

Hola everybody!

I've been feeling poorly so sorry for the lack of posts. Yesterday I went out to have a quick snack with my friends and chit chat with them previous to the World Cup final (congrats, Germany!) and I did this quick make up look - and believe me, it's as easy as it looks. 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

5 simple ways to improve a blog

Hola lovelies!

Today I'm writing something different. Do you remember my "7 things I learnt while blogging" post? Apparently, plenty of people really enjoyed that post so I thought I would write a post on simple ways for new bloggers to improve their blogs.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


So it happened.

About more than a month ago, I did a Wednesday Wishlist and I included several things. One of them were some trousers I got - not the same ones, but very similar - and one of them was... Impassioned by MAC.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Crissy Chats #13 Everybody has a bikini body

Hello everybody!

Now that the Summer is here, I would like to talk about something that worries a big percentage of the female population: "Having a bikini body." Now, what is a bikini body? Is it being skinny? Then what about the curvy people? Is it having big breasts? Then what about the small breasted women in the world?

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Quick and easy summer make up looks!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts! These days have been so stressful as I've started working in a Summer Camp and I had a birthday party and I have honestly been sleeping most of my free time - I'm such a granny! Now that I've come back from the beach for a relaxing day with my best friends, I decided to write a quick post on two looks I've done using my What You Waiting For Palette from Makeup Revolution!