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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Crissy Chats #13 Everybody has a bikini body

Hello everybody!

Now that the Summer is here, I would like to talk about something that worries a big percentage of the female population: "Having a bikini body." Now, what is a bikini body? Is it being skinny? Then what about the curvy people? Is it having big breasts? Then what about the small breasted women in the world?

According to Google...

 In the first picture, this is what Google shows us when we look for "Bikini Body". We have different women - all gorgeous - with a toned body and a nice bikini. Fair enough. We can also find a woman's weight loss progression and a curvy woman in a bathsuit. Alright.

Now, for those who always claim "REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES" (I personally think that any woman is a real woman) I looked for "real bikini body" and we get a mix of pictures, some of them from curvy women, some of them from skinny women, wearing a bikini.

If you check any magazine (we all buy those kind of magazines) you will find articles related to "how to get a bikini body". Actually, if you look for it on Google, you the first page shows you ways to get such bikini body. Again, what is a bikini body?

BAM. We find these if you type "what is a bikini body" on the Google bar. I decide to click on "what is a good bikini body" and this is the first result.

When I clicked on it, I only saw a guide on how to lose weight and tone up your body - which is good, hey, it's healthy, I'm into that - but I didn't like the "get a bikini worthy body". Woah. So are you telling me that since I'm in the middle of my process to tone my body up and lose some pounds I don't need, I'm not worthy of a bikini? Riiiiiight.

Pictures found on Google

Everybody has a bikini body. As long as we have a body to wear it, who has the right to tell women not to wear it? It's all about knowing your body shape and knowing which kind of bikini suits us the most. There are plenty of bikinis - I've been wearing the wrong bikinis all my life!

I've learnt that nobody is 100% happy with what they have. Some want bigger breasts, some want a smaller bum, some want a thigh gap, some embrace their thick thighs - and that is perfectly fine. However, what matters here is that if you're healthy, you're set! 

It doesn't matter what anyone says - if you want to wear a bikini, find one you really like and feel comfortable with and wear it, show it off! 

Nevertheless, if you want to go on a diet, workout and try to tone your body up, do it because you want to, do it because you want to be leaner, healthier, and not because someone is telling you that you don't have a "bikini body" when clearly we all do!

I would like to thank you all because I've reached more than 900 followers which, in my opinion, it's crazy! I've only been blogging for roughly five months and it's been a great adventure so far that has helped me meet new people so thank you!

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  1. I think people should wear bikinis if they want. I personally wear swim suits because I'm self conscious, but if people are confident, they should do it!

    Corinne x

    1. I agree with you Corinne! Swimsuits are cool now - I remember back then they used to be so odd and ugly but I love some swimsuits now and I really wanna get one someday. xxx

  2. Great blog! Keep up the good work! :D

  3. Amazing post. Although I've been naturally skinny all my life trust me it isn't easier than it is to be curvy. I feel like people are not satisfied with no matter what you look which is why we should start caring less what they think and more about what we think :) I think a lot of girls lack self-confidence which is terrible, and I'm definitely one of them.

    1. That's what I wanted to say with my post! :) And yes, people are never satisfied with what they have, sadly. It's better not to care about what anyone thinks and just be happy with ourselves xxx


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