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Tuesday, 22 July 2014



So a few days ago I went to LUSH.  As you may know, my obsession with Lush is getting serious here. I had promised myself I wouldn't get there as I've got a few products I still haven't used enough. (I don't want to disrespect my products by not using them...) However, I tried a sample of a shampoo and I told myself I'd buy the whole thing. In Spanish is Mi Primo Zumo y Sol but in English is I love Juicy. It helps greasy hair and makes it shiny and nice - plus it smells so fruity!

I've always been quite interested in buying a bottle even though they're quite expensive. I remember I told myself  "7€ for a 100mg bottle? Hell no." But I tried the sample and I noticed that I didn't need much shampoo to wash my hair that I thought I would give it a go.

Firstly I'd like to talk about my hair. My hair is long and damaged as I got my ombré hair done in January. (Let's face it: bleaching your hair destroys it) I try to take care of it to the max but in Summer it's getting IMPOSSIBLE. I have tangles everywhere, it feels greasy and horrible. Nothing was working. AT ALL. I even ran out of my favourite hair mask ever (Schwarzkopf's hair repair) so I decided to get to Lush and buy myself a shampoo bottle. And oh well, I also bought this box for my soaps and butters so I can keep them in a better place. Eventually, I came home with two different samples: RUB RUB RUB and AFRICAN PARADISE. I tried RUB RUB RUB at the shop but I can't wait to try African Paradise.

Even though I had enough money to get the medium size I wanted to be rational about it. What if it eventually doesn't help my hair? What if it doesn't do anything at all? I'd rather go for the small thing and then sort of evolve and get bigger things (because bigger is better and better is bigger... oops, High School Musical withdrawals)

I LOVE JUICY (100mg): 7,30€
LUSH box: 2€
Everyone comments it lasts a lot, over a month or two depending on how you use it. Let me tell you that I want to wash my hair EXCLUSIVELY with I love Juicy for a while so it takes rid of all the sillicones and chemicals from other shampoos so I'll keep you updated on how long it lasts.

I've used it a couple of times now and my hair feels quite shiny and lightweight. Actually, I'm writing this post after walking out of the shower and letting the Spanish sun dry my hair. I keep sniffing it because it smells good, very juicy - who would've guessed, right? - (it has papaya, kiwi and mango and oh damn!) and those times I've washed my hair with this shampoo it hasn't felt greasy at all. Not even after work.

I'm impressed by the small amount I put on my hair and how much it works. It makes a lot of foam and it covers everything. I massage my scalp gently as I apply the shampoo so it applies even better.
After rinsing it, I feel my hair not silky at all. I'm used to have my hair feeling smooth and silky because I apply hair masks and conditioners but I thought that would sort of null the effect of this shampoo so I said no to my other haircare products and stick exclusively to this. However, after it gets dry, it feels so soft and lightweight as I've mentioned that I can't stop running my fingers through it. I'm so happy with this shampoo.

I LOVE JUICY is an absolutely YAY if your hair is greasy and dull. 
I already see some effects after using it a couple of times! It is scary to buy something so little for that price, I know, but I'm definitely enjoying this shampoo and sniffing my hair after using it...

And by the way: LUSH, you're definitely not helping me with my obsession with your brand.

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  1. This sounds like a great product. I have greasy hair so I`m curious to see how it will do. Stop with amazing Lush reviews, I`ll end up with an addiction like you have for them:))

    1. Oops! Tell Lush to stop being awesome! So far I'm happy with it <3 xxx

  2. sounds great! the shampoo are great! I wonder why the devs have no companies here, I live in Indonesia, and wanna try as you did :(
    hope I can get one of them someday. Nice post x)

    Labina | Dear Labina Design.

  3. I love Lush shampoos too but it's always the price that stops me from shopping there. Waaa I wish I had the money ;( ALSO I didn't know you were Spanish!

    - Iona |

    1. Hahha yes I'm Spanish! I'm about to move to the UK for a while but yes! I guess that the fact that you didn't notice is good - my English isn't THAT bad! xxx

  4. You made this sound lovely, it's always good when you don't need to use much of a product to benefit from it.

    Corinne x

    1. I agree with you! Thank you Corinne xxxx

  5. I am obsessed with Lush, so I fully support your purchases! Hehe. I've used a wide variety of their products, and love them all. For hair, I've used both shampoo bars and liquid shampoo. I can't get enough of their Daddy-O shampoo, I'm on my second big bottle!
    Enjoy the new products! African Paradise is amazing!

    Savy //


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