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Saturday, 19 July 2014

The unexpected fashion haul

Aloha everybody!

Geez, it's hot today! It's starting to get really, really hot in Mallorca. Way too sunny, way too humid... but still I went on a walk with my parents and we all ended up buying some things. My parents are so good to me and decided to pay for all these things I'm about to show you.

Sorry if the quality of the pics is weird. I'm still not used to taking pics of fashion hauls - this is my second fashion haul post of the blog - so I hope you understand.

I've been so busy and exhausted at the same time that, to be honest, I haven't had time to even sit down and write a post. I thought today was the perfect day as I've come home with some goodies.

Yes, it's exactly the same pattern. Isn't it gorgeous though? I got these at C&A. Every piece was 12,90€ but everything was also 50% off! I didn't do it on purpose, it was there and I just couldn't hold myself back. The bikini is just beautiful and the shoes are so typical here in Spain (seriously, it pains me that some people pay around 40€ for these in shops like topshop or in brands like TOMS because here they're so cheap...!)

BOOM! More things! I needed some jeans, also from c&a. These are jeggings - I'm a huge fan as they're the confiest thing EVER - and they look great. They were 14,90€ without any kind of discount but yes, I think some plain light blue skinnies look great with anything.

Detail of the zip at the back of the blouse (C&A)
I also got that polka dot blouse. I expected it to have that kind of lightweight fabric but it's actually like cotton? I wasn't disappointed anyway and I tried it on and I loved how sophisticated it looks on me. This was 9,90€ without any discount as well.
It's definitely not a loose fit, but anyway I don't own any polka dot blouse / shirt anyway so I was happy I got it.

And what do you think of this kimono I found in the bathing section of C&A. I thought it was a blouse at first and when I picked it up I noticed it was actually a kimono. Never been happier! It's my second kimono and oh my god I love the pattern. It was 19,90€ but it had a 30% discount so it cost me around 14€, I believe!

This is the other blouse I got. This is from New Yorker and if I'm not mistaken it was 9,90€ without any discount. I wanted a floral top and this one is amazing. The biggest size I found was "M" and I was a bit scared because I wasn't sure it would fit my chest part - fortunately it did! It looks great as I've got a bit of a tan on at the moment.

And that's it! I really hope you enjoyed this post. I'll try to post more fashion things and I hope I get to buy my new camera soon (by the beginning of August!) 

I promise to reply everyone who has been commenting on my blog these days, I've just haven't had the chance but I do read every single comment and reply back on their blogs as soon as I can! 

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Great haul sweetie, and how nice of your parents to pay for the beautifully stuff. May I borrow your parents for a shopping day ;-)
    Happy Weekend honey

    1. Thank you so much lovely!! They're definitely the best xxx

  2. I love the print on the bikini, so gorgeous!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  3. Lovely picks! That kimono is a really cute print and colour. :)

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  5. lovely flowerish blouse! love it. hope someday I can get it too :D

    Labina | Dear Labina Design.

    1. I bet it would look wonderful on you x

  6. Love those espadrilles & thanks for sharing such an amazing post. Would
    you like to follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin & Google+? Lemme know!
    & keep in touch!


    1. Oh you know the name of the shoes! Hahaha that's awesome! xx

  7. Lovely entry lil sis, everything's sooo cute :D
    I've voted for youuuu!! see you really soon!! Love you lotssss <3

  8. Nice photo and post!

    My last post on


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