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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Life lately...

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great today. Apologies for my lack of posts these days as I have not had the time to sit down and write some posts to schedule!

I promise to get back at all your comments as soon as I have the chance as I have limited access to the computer right now for the lack of time I have. I have been taking some exams and preparing everything to move out and these weeks have been just so stressful, so I will let you know some highlights!

So what have I been up to? As you may know, I'm leaving to Sheffield in exactly one week. I'm going to study half a year there thanks to the ERASMUS scholarship that I've been given. I can't hold my excitement and nervousness and truth is, at some points, I feel very overwhelmed. Not in a bad way, though, it's not like I'm having some sort of panic attack and I want to stay and not leave - that's something very different and I'm sorry for all the people who suffer anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis. I mean, I've been feeling overwhelmed because I haven't gone anywhere for so much time and I'm a very familiar person, but this is the life and the path I'm choosing and it will also help me grow in so many ways that I know everything's going to be alright. Also, this is one of my biggest dreams ever so I can't wait... I mean, what are seven days? What is a week?!

I have been hanging out with my friends a lot, that's why my blog has been a bit slow. Some of my friends depart to Barcelona and Madrid to continue their university degrees, some stay here in Mallorca and, well, I'm leaving to the UK so we have been hanging out as much as we can. We have had like 3 farewell dinners, no joke. (And I have the ultimate farewell dinner on Friday... or Saturday... I have no idea! And yes, the farewell dinners have been with THE SAME PEOPLE. Gotta love my friends)

Oh, and the other pictures... well, my cousin got married! And it was such a wonderful wedding. The dress you see me wearing is from H&M and I got it a day before the wedding. I had already a dress I bought two ages ago for another wedding that I honestly love so much but I saw this one and I couldn't resist. It's gorgeous and very simple, but so beautiful too!
As I've mentioned, the wedding was amazing. It was so multicultural and familiar and 

As we speak (I mean, as I write) I had to take a 5 minutes break to scream. I have been taking some retakes because this semester hasn't been the best - but I passed one of the worst subjects I remember: Phonetics. And not only that but got the highest grade - I mean hellooooooooooo! Isn't that a good reason to party? So I'm one happy Spaniard right now.

And that's it!

I also have plenty of good things to share with you, hopefully soon. Like, very, very good things. Just stay tuned and bear with me, I promise to be back with some normality soon!!

What have YOU been up to?!


  1. Love your dress for your cousin's wedding, it's such a gorgeous color! Ahhh you're so lucky to study abroad! It seems like a wonderful opportunity and I hope everything goes really well :)

    1. Isn't it the most gorgeous hot pink dress ever? THANK YOU LOVE!! xxx

  2. your pink dress is gorgeous, you must be so excited for Sheffield! good luck with the move!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  3. NOT LOOOOONG! Still so mad that you're moving to Yorkshire when I left it. Booo! But you're gonna have such a smashing time and if not, come down to London.... :D xx

    Cakilicious @ Brighton and Back

    1. We will see each soooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. You still have a week to stay with your friends, maybe do some crazy things you always wanted. The first weeks are the hardest, I know from experience, but luckily with all this technology is very easy to keep in touch. Enjoy your last days before you move>:D<

    1. Exactly!! Skype will be our best friend and we will call each other a lot. Thank you soooooooooo much sweetie!! xxxx

      Crissy @ My Cup Of Tea

  5. Good Luck with your move Cristina xx

    Joey |

  6. Aww, so lovely you've been making the most of time with your friends! It's great to spend that quality time together :) Your pink dress is so very gorgeous, you're really rocking it ;)

    I'm so excited for you Cristina! I'm guessing you should be moving/have moved to Sheffield around the time I'm typing this so if so, then I'm even more excited for you ;) Can definitely relate to you feeling overwhelmed, it's only natural and would be wrong if you didn't feel that way, but I'm so happy that you feel it mainly due to eagerness and enthusiasm. You are taking such a wonderful step and doing such an amazing thing, I'm really proud of you and I'm sure you will enjoy every moment in Sheffield. I love Northerners, every time I go up North I wonder why I live in London 'cos everyone's so bloody miserable down South ;-) You've got a great attitude, like you say, this opportunity will only help you grow, discover and develop even more as a person and it's hard when you're a familiar person (I know I definitely am), but I'm sure you will just soar. If you ever need a friend, or just a chat, you can always drop me an email over at <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Aww Sophie thank you very much for your kind words, you do really understand how it feels! Everyone is so kind here so far, I'm truly having the greatest time of my life so far!! I'm going to drop you an email right now xxxxxxxxx


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