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Monday, 22 September 2014


Hello lovelies!

Sorry that my posts haven't been the best lately. I actually deleted some because I noticed nobody commented - yup, I do that - so I was like "hey, maybe these were crap, let's start over" and still I think the lack of catching up on other blogs is paying off... I honestly don't have time and when I do all I want to do is sleep but I'm going to schedule a few posts now and see how it goes.

Anyway, as you may know I'm in Sheffield now and of course I have already gone to Meadowhall. SO wonderful. You can expect a future haul coming, I think, as there is a Student Lockdown in Meadowhall next week - and of course I'm joining in! Everything will be 30% off and mama needs a new parka! (And a few other things, we'll see!)

I'm living in a city accommodation, not in campus, but so far I'm having the greatest time of my life meeting new people and having tons of fun (eh, even if I'm an ERASMUS student I gotta join those Freshers events, right?) I still haven't gone to like all the parties and stuff, I've just been hanging out with the people I've been meeting for the past week and I'm having such a lovely time here.

Firstly, I'm showing you my room and tell you what's new and where I bought it. My room was super empty so during the first days I had to buy a duvet, pillow and some stuff for the kitchen too but I'm going to show you only the things you will find interesting and may give you some ideas if you've recently moved into an accommodation / flat like me.

I have been enjoying the luxury that is having MY OWN BATHROOM in my room. In Spain I still love with my family so we kinda share bathrooms and it can be a bit messy if we all need the bathroom at the same time - so having my own bathroom is such a luxury to me (especially taking into account some people DO share bathrooms in their accommodations...)

Poster: (bought on campus) 3GBP
Duvet & pillow cover set: 10GBP (Primark)

As you can see it's nothing TOO fancy but hey, I'm digging it. The bed is quite comfortable and I must say I do LOVE snuggling my duvet already.
Sorry that my suitcases are still around. I have NO idea where to put them so they're hanging around there until I find a better place for them. 
Also... have you seen my new laptop? Wonderful, right? It's a Toshiba Satellite one and so far I can say I love it. Very slim, very fast, and useful for what I want it so... :)

I'm a very familiar person and I consider my best friends my family. so I brought some pictures from home and put them there along with some of my brothers'. No mum and dad pic as I see their faces every day on Skype... but I still miss them! 

And then I have this! I bought most of these things at Meadowhall when I went there a few days ago - it was inevitable. 

I was in need for a bigger makeup bag so I bought that gorgeous one at Primark for 3GBP, which I think is pretty cheap. Also in Primark I bought that travel mug for 1,90GBP! I love pugs so I honestly had to get that one, couldn't say no!

I visited WHSmith at Meadowhall and came back with two books (two books for 9GBP? I'm digging that) so I bought Paper Towns by John Green and If I Stay by Gayle Forman. I have started reading "If I Stay" and I'm enjoying it so far. I left my eBook in Spain so I was like "I NEED TO BUY SOMETHING" and books are cheaper here than in Spain for some reason, (Sidenote: I find it pretty funny that alcohol is hella expensive here and books/music/films are quite cheap but it happens the opposite in Spain!)

And then that notebook. Hell, I forgot my notebook too. I'm a massive Big Bang Theory fan though so I thought it would look great as my ERASMUS journal! Plus it says "THE FRIENDSHIP ALGORITHM" which made me laugh because that episode is hilarious AND, hey, this experience is about meeting new people and making new friends so that may be useful eh? I bought this notebook on campus yesterday as they were having random sales and it was 3GBP.

And that's it! Simple and clean, I guess? I'll probably do another room tour - more elaborate, maybe even as a vlog - when I get more and more stuff. 

I hope you're all good!


  1. Lovely post! I am such an organisation freak that I love seeing how people decorate their rooms!

    1. Thank you Josie! I can be a big of an organisation freak so I share that feeling ;) xx

  2. Love the room decor! The "Keep Calm.." poster is awesome, & I love the big bang theory journal! Great post :)

  3. I'm glad to see you're making the most of it!!! Absolutely the right thing to do. Wish I wouldn't've slipped through the 'international students' community (got my first email after 1 1/2 years, lol). Love your room. Totally miss my uni room, despite it not having an en suite (I'm so jel!!!!)

    Hope you're continuing to have the GREATEST time up north and hopefully see ya very, very soon! xx

    Cakilicious @ Brighton and Back

  4. Hey lovely, massive congrats on your exciting move! Aww so sorry you felt like that over some of your posts, I'm definitely struggling to keep up with everyone's blogs too. It's so hard! Hence why I'm only getting back to you now! :/ Meadowhall sounds amazing! Really worthwhile. I'm so glad you've had a fab time catching up with friends and enjoying your time in Sheffield, it's only what you deserve! You sound like such a lovely person and I can only imagine you will make so many friends in such a short space of time <3

    Your rooms looks gorgeous! Such a cute tour/haul. I saw If I Stay recently at the cinema and loved it :) love the photos you've brought of all the people you love, so sweet! My heart goes out to you as I know it's horrible when you miss your family. Speaking and talking and skyping is so vital but never quite enough o.O I'm sure as time goes the missing will (of course still be there), but dull, and become more bearable for you <3

    Oh yay! Would love to see a vlog from you Cristina, I know it would be absolutely awesome :)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  5. I know how you feel about having no time on your hands - I started University & work in the first week of September and I have been busy every day since! Looks like your room is coming together nicely and glad to hear your room mates are lovely too :) xx

    Hannah xo | hannatalks


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