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Saturday, 20 September 2014

WHAT I WORE: University of Sheffield's Welcome Reception 2014

Hello everyone!

I have a few hours before I start walking around the city of Sheffield to discover new places - but here I am! I'm here! I've made it to the UK! I hope you're all doing great.

Even though I arrived a few days ago - on Wednesday, to be exact - I haven't really had the time to sit down and chat with you. I'm starting to catch up on your blogs now, I hope you bear with me! 

I'm an Erasmus student at the University of Sheffield for one semester and my friend and me decided to attend to the Welcome Reception to get to know a few people. Turns out we made a big group in a matter of minutes, it was so wonderful. 

We were offered a non alcoholic cocktail - mine was Raspberry... something. I actually don't remember the name, but everything was delicious. Sorry if the quality of the pictures isn't the best, I didn't bring my camera because it's big so I took pictures with my phone. 

This was my outfit! You may remember this dress because I featured it in another post. It's an H&M dress that was 29,99€ if I'm not mistaken. It's a lovely hot pink colour and the fabric is thick, so it's not like your typical summer dress - it's actually perfect for the chilly weather you have in the United Kingdom! 
Underneath that coat from C&A (old) I was wearing a normal black blazer from New Yorker that was around 15€ when I bought it like two years ago.

Regarding make-up, I played a little bit with my Naked 3 and wore my Rouge Allure lippy by Chanel in the shade 104 Passion, and as a foundation I applied my Match Perfection foundation by Rimmel. I didn't bring all my make-up collection here to the UK (because I'm planning on buying plenty of it here >:D) so my products may be quite basic. 

Also, I've been using the vo5 shampoo&conditioner (sorry Lush! I can't really afford you if I'm on a budget, but I miss you dearly...) and I'm loving it so far. My hair feels soft and shiny!

The bag I'm wearing in this picture is the same one I featured in my bargain haul post from H&M (5€, I meaaaaaaaaan!) and the flats are from C&A and sorry that you can't appreciate them in the picture but they have glitter and they're very pretty! 

The reception was wonderful and there was food from all over the world. I enjoyed every bit! We also danced Scottish group dances, it was so much fun and very useful as icebreakers because I met new people through that!

I'm not going to lie - I'm having the time of my life so far, I'm so thankful for being here!


  1. Good luck at the university! Hope you'll do great. Love the outfit! Do you want us to follow
    each other via GFC? If yes please tell me on my blog :)


  2. Oh yay, so glad you made it! The welcome reception sounds lovely, and I'm crushing on that pink dress ;)
    Looking very pretty lovely lady! It's awesome you found a big group of people so quickly, it's so nice you feel at home in Sheffield already. I can't believe your bag was only 5 euros, that's insane, it looks so stylish hehe <3

    I'm so happy you're having the time of your life, it's only what you deserve! Bravery pays off! :)

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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