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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Treating myself in Sheffield | HAUL + Swatches

I know I apologise a lot but I'm genuinely sorry I haven't written in ages. Now that I have settled in and started university here, I'm happy to sit down and relax to write about a few things I've been doing and buying as well.

I'm still figuring my way around Sheffield and their different shopping centres but I've been to Meadowhall three times and I have fallen into the temptation of buying a few goodies.

The first thing I'd like to talk about is a bag from River Island. I had heard wonders about River Island before and I've always been so jealous. When I first walked into a River Island shop I fell in love immediately with their bags more than with the clothes. The quality seemed astonishing and I could see PLENTY of girls wearing River Island bags here so I thought "Mhm, they must be good right?" and I fell in love with one bag. It's new, it has arrived for the AW2014 Season but I'm in love with it. 
Let me say that I never really pay attention to bags, I RARELY fall in love with a bag. But I saw it and I can tell you I had heart eyes. When I saw the price I was in pieces - 30 pounds! I couldn't afford that at that moment - I was still buying stuff for uni I just knew I had to wait. 
Meadowhall was hosting their student lock in with a 20% discount so the bag was 24. I was the happiest girl alive - however the queue was too long and I wasn't sure if it was worth it. I called my mum - because, hey, a mum always knows - and she said "listen, don't queue for a bag, buy it another day even if it's 30 pounds!" 
Guess what? River Island eventually had 20% off the following week. So I bought it! I think it's the nicest bag I've ever owned, the quality is incredible and it's bigger than it looks. I just can't love it enough - the pictures really don't do any justice AT ALL. There are plenty of other colours available but this black is very classy and I think it can be worn as an everyday bag, uni bag or when you go out for a dinner with friends. I think it's so versatile - gotta love satchel bags!

And this is how it looks!

Another thing I bought is this Maybeline Color drama intense velvet lip pencil. There is also a story behind this. My flatmate had this great lipstick and I loved how good it looked on me. It's in the shade 510 Red Essential and it's actually a dark red / burgundy tone. I really really like it and it makes my lips look very nice. It feels a bit matte as well but it doesn't dry my lips at all!

UP: Maybelline Color Sensational in 547 Pleasure Me Red
DOWN: Maybelline Color Drama lip pencil in 510 Red Essential
The difference is not that visible but you can see the Color Drama is more blue-toned and a bit more burgundy.

The second thing I bought is this Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in the shade 547 Pleasure Me Red. They are both VERY similar but the finish isn't that similar - this lipstick's finish may remind you of a MAC creamsheem/amplified finish lipstick and the tone is slightly redder and less blue toned than the colour drama one. I really like it and I've been on a hunt for a nice red colour! I've already worn this and it's great to give a break to my lovely chanel lippy.

And since there was a 3x2 at Boots with Maybelline, I bought the Maybelline FIT ME concealer in the shade 25. The main reason why I bought it is because I didn't have any concealer AT ALL and I thought I could use one. I wasn't very sure whether to buy the Wake Me Up concealer from Rimmel or this one but I know this one is a dupe for the wonderful NARS concealers so I thought I'd give it a go!

Those three items were around 12 pounds with the 3x2 discount so I think it was quite nice. I honestly can't remember each price and I have no idea where my receipt is!

And finally, I bought this Metallic Cream Eyeshadow from Collection in the shade Gold Rush. I bought at Poundland for... yes, exactly, one pound. I think it's totally worth it and you can use it however - whether you spread the gold on top of your eyelids to create a base or create a very dramatic look with a strong, metallic colour... it's up to you! 

And that's it! I have to say I didn't buy all this in one day, I took my time. I will definitely make a fashion haul soon as I'm slowly adding more things to my closet - including the sweatshirt I'm wearing right now from my university, haha! - and I promise to catch up on your blogs again!!!

What have you been up to?!


  1. That handbag looks wonderful, I really want that type of satchel bag! The metallic cream eyeshadow also looks gorgeous :)

  2. So glad you`re back! You know how much I enjoy your posts and recommendations (turned me into a Lush junkie), so I can`t wait to read your review on this products. Awesome bag btw!

  3. Gorgeous lipstick
    Stay in touch!
    Can we follow each other on GFC?
    New Post Sandy Sandhu

  4. I loved, loved, loved Meadowhall. Always spent a bit there before I went to my concerts in Sheffield.
    That bag looks dropdead gorgeous!!! I'm looking for something similar as well but can't really bringt myself to spend a bit more (& don't want Primark quality on the other hand, ooops).
    I do have the Fit Me concealer as well (in shade 15 though), absolutely loving it to brighten my undereye area. Though I gotta wait till winter until I can use it again. It's a tad too light now. Didn't even know that it was a Nars dupe, haha. xx

    Cakilicious @ Brighton and Back

  5. Lovely Blog! Would you like to follow each other?
    Check out my blog and facebook page:

  6. That bag is so nice and your blog is lovely

  7. Haha! So me, I've been struggling with my blog consistency as well! There's never enough time! Lovely post. (:

    ♥ | | xoxo

  8. You've given me crazy bag envy! I love it so much <3
    That colour red is classic, you can't go wrong with it and it really suits you!
    <3 Fran - xx


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