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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Brighton Bound

Probably my last big trip in the UK will be this one: Brighton. From February 3rd til the 4th, my friend and me decided to visit Brighton. I have always wanted to ever since I discovered that place existed. My expectations were high and I was so excited that I barely could hide said excitement. 
I wanted to explore the pier, the coast, The Lanes and just enjoy a few days to relax. We were on a budget after spending 50 pounds on our trip here by National Express but it was all worth it.

Our journey began at 1:35 am from Sheffield. We took a bus to London and the journey was five hours. It was crowded but in a bad way. I don't like criticising, but there was this family who weren't respectful at all. They decided to sleep in the bus and take two seats each so they could lay down when most of the people had to sit down each one on their seats (like it's normal). It was unfair because of course everyone wants to sleep and everyone wants to relax but nobody complained. 
Everytime I fell asleep, I'd wake up because the coach stopped or because it was a bumpy ride. However when I woke up at around 6 it was so beautiful because I saw London through the coach and how it snowed like crazy. So beautiful!
We took a break and ate something at Caffe Nero in Victoria Station before our bus at 8 am to Brighton, in which I actually slept a bit more.

The arrival was beautiful. We stopped at Pool Valley Station and saw the pier. Thankfully, our hostel was very close to that area. I do recommend it so much! It's called Smart Brighton Beach. We booked a private room which looked like a proper hotel room with breakfast included for almost 20GBP each the night. It was so worth it, I must say.

We visited everything in one day. Walked around The Lanes, checked the shopping area at Churchill Square and walked around the famous Brighton Pier. However, on the second day, we decided to visit the coast more in depth and also eat something from Choccywoccydoodah which was, obviously, delicious.

The pier was probably one of my favourite things, although I spent a ridiculous amount of money trying to win a minion. Eventually I didn't, but it was worth the try.
I'm from Mallorca so I know Mallorca has wonderful beaches and great landscapes, however I must say Brighton captivated me. It was peaceful and lovely and seeing the sunset was such a wonderful experience. I'd love to come back someday.

Have you ever been to Brighton?


  1. I went to brighton in june and fell in love! I would love to go again in the heart of summer

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

    1. Oh yes I'd love to go back in Summer tooo xxx

  2. ive never been to brighton but i would love to!

  3. I visited Brighton last year, I had so much fun! Good to see you had a great time as well :)

  4. I adore Choccywoccydoodah! Glad you had a great time!

    Tweet xx

  5. brighton seems lovely, i'll have to visit next time i make it over to england :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  6. Good job! :D

  7. This post and the photos made me kind of homesick. I really need to go back sometime soon. Brighton <3

    Cakilicious @ Brighton and Back


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