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Saturday, 28 February 2015


Hi, hi! Excuse the lack of posts. I recently (two weeks ago actually, still recent, still hurting) came back to Spain from my semester abroad in the UK (sad times!) and I've been catching up with uni here.

I haven't done a wishlist in a while and I thought I would write about a low-key wishlist, and that means... items I can actually afford but for some reason I never get to buy. Although I don't think I need clothes (I've got plenty, to be honest, and I bought so many!) I feel like I could use with a few of the items from this wishlist. Same goes to the beauty products!

1. H&M (7.99€) Oh, the times I've had this in my hands when I was in the UK. For some reason I always left it - and to be fair I'm glad because it's cheaper in Spain and also because I could barely fit all my things in my suitcases...!! I think this can look pretty good both for a casual look and maybe a more elegant yet informal one if you add a statement necklace for example! (Note: The day before publishing this I bought this wonderful blouse)

2. H&M (29,99€) Maybe this isn't that 'low-key', but I'm dying to get these. Originally I was going to buy the TOPSHOP ones because the plataform was higher - and I suck at walking with heels - but I think these will be pretty comfortable as well. I'm dying to get them!

3. Maybelline Colordrama in Berry Much (6,90€) I already own one of these and I'm in love. I saw one of my friends getting Berry Much and it looked AMAZING on her lips so I thought I'd give it a go - for some reason, I'm really loving using purpleish colours on my lips now!

4. FLAWLESS palette by Makeup Revolution (10,85€): One doesn't have enough palettes, right? I'm in love with this one and unfortunately I couldn't get it before leaving the UK! So I plan on ordering it online when payday comes...!!

What's on your wishlist?

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  1. i love those boots and that shirt is so cute! I can see an outfit lining upp in my mind :P xx


    1. Oh I know right?! They go so well together! *_* I can't find those boots though, dammit! But that blouse is great, so comfy! xx

  2. Very nice. Would love it if you could check out my latest DIY beauty post!
    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love 

  3. I want to try out the color drama lippies as well, the colour you chose is really pretty! And nothing can beat a good Chelsea boot! I love my Primark ones but am looking for a second pair :)
    xx Ann-Kathrin


    1. I'm yet to find my pair, but I guess there's no use now that it's spring here! I highly recommend the colour drama lippies xxxx

  4. The eye palettes are just .. woah <3


  5. That a great top. I love the print. Love those shoes too!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    1. Thank you!!!! I do love that print, too! *_*


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