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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mastering the effortless look

The effortless look must be one of my favourites because, as the name says, it looks effortless and you don't really have to put much effort on it (I personally don't). This is the look I've been choosing lately for small occasions, although the last time I did this look - when these pictures were taken - was for a casual family lunch.

(Sorry about the quality, the light in my bathroom isn't the best...!!!)

My skin looked pretty well to be fair so I only needed to apply my concealer. I'm using Maybelline FIT ME concealer number 25 as my to go concealer. It's a dupe for NARS concealers and even though I've never tried a NARS concealer before, I love this one because the coverage is pretty good. I apply it under my bags and were I may have some spots or possible redness to even my skin tone.

The second product I use is my eyeliner. In this case, I use the Deliplus Intense Eyeliner which can only be found in Spain and it's a drugstore eyeliner but honestly I love it and I've never used any other eyeliner. It tends to smudge a little by the end of the day but fair enough since the weather here is pretty humid. However in the UK it lasted for ages. The line is quite thin and it ends with a small flick, so it's not too dramatic - it only makes my eyes stand out a bit more.

For my mascara, I joined the Roller Lash by Benefit fever (you can get it when you buy Elle magazine in the UK) and so far I'm impressed. I bought it because I needed a mascara and I was hoping it would be good for my lashes - and it is! They look natural and I'm happy with the result. I only applied it once on my lashes and it was enough. They're pretty thin naturally so it may not look like they're lifted, but they actually are.

I'm starting to go nude more often and I can't stop using my MAC Viva Glam VI ever since I got it. Even though I need to find a good lip liner, I'm very happy just how it looks when I apply it as it is.

And to finish the look, I use my I HEART CANDY blusher by I HEART MAKE UP (Makeup Revolution sister brand) in the shade LOVE. It's a pretty pink colour with a shimmer finish that I love using it as it's a very natural and healthy colour. I used not to wear any blusher but now I simply love popping this on my cheeks!

To finish the look, I used my low-key curling iron and brushed my hair afterwards to make it look a bit more natural and a bit of Moroccanoil hairspray (that my brother uses and I stole from him because his hair products are always great!)

And that's my effortless look! Simple and effective. What's yours?


  1. I never knew that the Maybelline Fit Me concealer was a dupe for the NARS ones, that makes it even better in my eyes! This is such a pretty look xxx
    Eden x / edenroses

    1. I didn't know either until I looked for reviews before buying the concealer!! Thank you lovely xx

  2. loved reading this post and finding out what you used x

    em // emandhan xo


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