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Friday, 6 February 2015

WISHLIST | Apparel Candy

Recently I discovered Apparel Candy. They contacted me and let me tell you that they do justice to their name. There's some eye candy in that website, and the best part is that they have nice clothes for a cheap prices. I was also surprised to see that they sell wholesale clothes which may be handy when you need the same basic top! 

I found very nice things in this website and I came up with this outfit idea for this upcoming Spring - Summer. The very first thing is this knitted brown cardigan that seems lightweight and such a nice layer to add when it's not hot enough to wear just a blouse. It's just 7,50$ which is such a bargain for a cardigan like this! I would then wear this colourful blouse which seems relaxed and comfortable. As accessories: this peachy bag (I'm so in love with this!) for 7,50$ and these vintage style sunglasses, perfect for a day out. Did I mention that the sunglasses are 2,50$? What a bargain.

I invite you all to check this website out and find something you like! Personally, their handbags are all adorable, it was hard to pick just one for this outfit!

Did you know about Apparel Candy?

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  1. Wow the prices are so good! Thanks for sharing, or else I would've never even known about this brand xx
    Shirley | Shades of Shirley | Bloglovin'


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