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Sunday, 10 May 2015

A little treat from the airport: MAC DIVA

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that my feed was recently filled with pictures from my trip to Barcelona. Since it is so cheap for me to go there and I have friends who live there, I try my best to go there at least once a year (either for a concert, to see friends or a random weekend getaway)

At the airport we were forced to go through the Duty Free shop to go to the gates and we all decided to stop at MAC. I did not see the lipstick I was looking for - DIVA - but I asked for it with no expectations. The lovely woman smiled at me and said the following: "Diva? Of course we have Diva - it's just hidden". Apparently they keep the most known lipsticks for themselves huh? All the samples for Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Diva, Sin... were somewhere totally different and for people who would ask for them. And that was me. She cleaned the sample for me and I tried Diva on and I knew that was my lipstick. I did not hesitate. I got it immediately.

Diva is usually sold out in Mallorca so I did not want to wait any longer to buy it. I totally understand though because usually, the people who go to MAC in Mallorca are either foreigners or people who know the brand. My friends only know about MAC because of me, to be honest. Nevertheless, you see all those German people and Brits getting loads of make up from MAC - and good for them! While she was getting me the lipstick, the girl at the MAC corner from the duty free and me discussed about how Velvet Teddy is sold out everywhere and most foreigners go for it like crazy. I had to laugh because I was looking for that lipstick too.

(When I bought it, I called my mum to tell her we were boarding soon to Barcelona - and to tell her that I had bought a MAC lipstick. I could feel her bringing her hands to her head, but she sounded relieved when I told her that she would be using it too. Spoiler alert: lately she has been using it more than I have...!)

Now, let me talk to you about MAC DIVA....

It is a matte lipstick and my first matte lipstick from this brand. The biggest question probably is: does it dry your lips? The answer is very simple and blunt: No. At least, it doesn't happen to me. Yes, I may feel them slightly less moisturised, but I don't see them cracking or whatever. Like, I feel like I have a matte lipstick on me and that's it. Something that is very normal in my opinion. Plus I think it lasts a lot! I wore it one of the nights I partied in Barcelona and I came home with less lipstick but you could still see the colour on my lips. I think it does a pretty good job from 22:00h when I applied it and 07:30 am when I came home.... oooops!!!!

I was hesitant to buy it because I own MAC Rebel and they are similar. However, MAC Rebel is more purple-ish  and MAC Diva is more wine-ish. Additionally, MAC Rebel's finish is satin. Here you can see the comparison between them:

At first I was shocked because is darker than I thought, but it is an absolutely gorgeous colour. Maybe it's not the best for this season - I should be using my Impassioned lippy and not Diva! - but I love it. I think it's a killer lipstick that can make any outfit look even better. I really do love it.

MAC DIVA was 17,50€ at the airport in comparison to the almost 20€ that costs in normal shops. The difference isn't huge, but it's still worth it!

(And yes, it does make you feel like a DIVA when you wear it)

Do you own DIVA by MAC? 


  1. Ooh this looks absolutely gorgeous!! I like how it's darker than Rebel, I saw this at the MAC store the other day and was intrigued myself (: x

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

    1. It's such a gorgeous colour, probably not too suitable for summer as it is not too summerish? But it's incredible! X

  2. I love Duty Free! And that shade of red is stunning.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

    1. I believe this is a must have from Mac!! Thank you xxx

  3. It's such a gorgeous colour. x


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