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Monday, 22 June 2015

Trying Newport Skinny Tea Detox

I have always been a bit skeptical when it comes to tea detox. In my mind I always think: "tea cannot make miracles: a good diet and exercise do." Nevertheless, when I was kindly contacted from their PR team to try these teas I thought I would give it a go. Why not? In the past, I had wanted to make the effort of getting the famous Bootea or the FitTea one but in the end I thought they were hoaxes. I had read bad reviews because those teas weren't as natural and had so many laxatives.

I was a bit scared because I had never heard of this brand before and that impulsed me to do my own research in order to whether I should accept the samples or not. I did my research, they sounded good and I agreed.

That's why I'm writing you this post. I want to introduce you the tea and let you know whether it works or doesn't.

I received this parcel on June 9th so by the time you're reading this I will have tried it enough times to provide you a proper review. I am committed to try this tea while eating healthy (following as much as I can their food plan, provided on their website) and doing a bit of exercise (power walks & yoga) at least 3-4 times weekly.

Friday, 19 June 2015


Hello everybody!

I know, I know. I keep saying I'm sorry and promising I'll be back with posts and then disappear for a month. I've got a good excuse now: EXAMS! However I'm finally done with them so I can be back here to be back in business!
This summer will be quite busy for me as I'm going to work in the mornings and I'll probably be dead in the mornings but I will honestly do my best to write at least three posts weekly and try to keep up with yours too as I think I've been the WORST blog-reader ever. My apologies, I promise I will catch up with your blogs.

Yesterday, I went on a stroll with my best friend to catch up and we walked into this beauty store to find out they have Makeup Revolution! Yay! I'm so happy they're slowly taking over Spain and I actually have money to spend. I'm pretty sure that by now you know this brand and I have featured them here in the past.

Without any further ado....