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Monday, 20 July 2015

Perfect skin with LUSH

Ah, Lush! How much I love you. Sorry for neglecting you for a while. That goes to my readers, too. I'm finally done with retakes so I'm partially free (partially because I'm working but soon I'll have my well-deserved holidays!) 

I had a post prepared for you for LUSH products BUT what happened? I LOST THEM. Yes. I did. I think my dad threw the bag unconsciously to the bin and they were brand new products I was excited to try and talk about - I had already taken the pictures - but everything happens for a reason... 

These products have been gifted to me by my best friend because we somehow do love spoiling each other. I thought it was a cute gesture and I wanted to write about the products and how they help people whose skin is like mine.

(Also, I went with my best friend to get these products as she decided I could choose whatever I wanted)