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Monday, 20 July 2015

Perfect skin with LUSH

Ah, Lush! How much I love you. Sorry for neglecting you for a while. That goes to my readers, too. I'm finally done with retakes so I'm partially free (partially because I'm working but soon I'll have my well-deserved holidays!) 

I had a post prepared for you for LUSH products BUT what happened? I LOST THEM. Yes. I did. I think my dad threw the bag unconsciously to the bin and they were brand new products I was excited to try and talk about - I had already taken the pictures - but everything happens for a reason... 

These products have been gifted to me by my best friend because we somehow do love spoiling each other. I thought it was a cute gesture and I wanted to write about the products and how they help people whose skin is like mine.

(Also, I went with my best friend to get these products as she decided I could choose whatever I wanted)

HOW IS MY SKIN? I have very greasy and sticky skin in Summer, which is obvious living here. It's too hot and too humid and I can barely wear make up because it always gets ruined. It is also very sensitive. My thighs are always covered with redness and a few spots as well as my arms. Nevertheless, said spots usualy go away when I go to the beach because the salt is so benefitial to my skin.

TEA TREE WATER by LUSH (100g) - 5,95€
I have heard WONDWERS about TEA TREE and the TEA TREE range from The Body Shop has always been one of the most praised ones in the beauty world. Walking around LUSH Mallorca my best friend and me both spotted this and we were curious about it. I wanted to try it out, hence the size of the bottle. So far so good. I didn't really notice how dirty my skin can get and it's so easy to use! It's very lightweight and, as a self-proclaimed lazy girl, I know I won't feel lazy with my skincare with this product as it's so easy and simple. I recommend it a lot as I feel like my skin soothes more with this than with other cleansing waters I've tried.

RUB RUB RUB by LUSH (330g) - 11,95€
I wanted to get the Ocean Salt exfoliator because that's one of the products I lost and had only tried a very few times. Nevertheless, both the girl working at LUSH and my best friend convinced me to try this one as it's more gentle than Ocean Salt. So far so good, I think it does a good job to my skin. My skin feels softer and cleaner when I use it - which is once a week like every other exfoliator. 
This exfoliating gel also includes salt and water from the ocean. The only difference I have found with Ocean Salt is that the latter is more aggressive and thicker, but both quite effective.

RO'S ARGAN by LUSH (225g) - 24,50€
Most people usually buy RUB RUB RUB and RO'S ARGAN together and after trying it out I knew why. I had tried samples of RUB RUB RUB and RO'S ARGAN before but not together. As I have said, my skin is sensitive and it usually has a bit of redness... and oh boy! My colour was absolutely different and my skin was softer. It's also benefitial for those who have scars or stretch marks - like I personally do! I'm very happy with this product! If your skin is anything like mine, you should go for it!

These three products will help you revitalise your skin this Summer whether it has been slightly damaged by the sun - like mine - or whether it's naturally like this - like mine, too HAHA! 
Also, big love to the girl at LUSH named Vicky. She was such a sweetheart and it was so sweet to have a chat with her!

What's your favourite product from LUSH?


  1. I love their Tea Tree water! Ran out a while ago but this post made me want to get it again :)

    Alex | Pink Elephant Blog.

    1. It's so gentle on my skin!!! I'm so glad I purchased it xxx

  2. Wow what a lucky girly! Such a shame that your dad threw it away though, dad's eh!! The rub rub rub scrub sounds lovely xx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    1. Hahahaha yes! I think he thought they were empty pots - which I was saving anyway because when you bring them 5 pots, you get a fresh mask! -

      The scrub is great, feels so gentle - more gentle than Ocean Salt for sure! x

  3. I can really tell you the Tea three is awesome, and is one of the few products to actually heal my dermatological issues.


    1. I'm in love with it so far, my skin is thankful for it! x

  4. I'd like to try LUSH's products asap.

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.


  5. Ooh I haven't tried Lush products before but that exfoliator looks amazing!! xx - Fashion & Style Guide

    1. It's so gentle, you should try it love xxx

  6. I love LUSH - their products are always gorgeous, they smell amazing and they leave skin feeling great! :)

    Layla xx

  7. Oh no, as if your products got thrown in the bin! These all look lovely, I'm intrigued to try Rub, Rub, Rub.

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


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