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Friday, 21 August 2015

Hard Day? Say no more!

My biggest beauty obsession is pretty eyeshadow palettes and even though the universe is big, there is one thing that I'm certain about:
Makeup Revolution makes the prettiest eyeshadow palettes. Ever.

When I picked Hard Day, I wasn't expecting to buy anything like that. To be fair, one of my biggest eyeshadow palette-crush is Flawless by Makeup Revolution but somehow I keep telling myself that I don't need it. That day I had Flawless in my hands and I was very convinced that I would buy it until I stumbled upon Hard Day...
Hard Day is a palette for your hardest days; when you have been binge-watching your favourite show on your favourite streaming software for days and you haven't had your beauty rest and, of course, you're expecting a long day the morning after. Its shimmery colours will bring back the light to your beautiful eyes, I can assure you.

This palette has 18 colours, 12 of them are shimmer and the others are matte. Even though its colours vaguely remind me of other palettes I may own (such as What You Waiting For by Makeup Revolution) I must say this palette has something totally different. Its pigmentation is wonderful, as you may already know. (And if you don't - do yourself a favour and buy something from them asap!) Something different compared to What You Waiting For is that in this one we have more rose-gold/silver colours and the looks for this palette can be both for day or night thanks to its cold tones.

One thing I have always loved from Makeup Revolution is the names they give to their make-up products. I think they're always so original.

Its packaging is very simple. The outter box has this rose gold colour and the inside is very minimalist, as we're already used to. To be fair, I like their packaging a lot. It's simple and their mirror is super wide - nothing compared to other brands. It comes with a very basic sponge-brush although I must say I barely use it unless I'm running out of clean brushes at the moment.

Overall, this palette allows you to create many different looks from natural ones, to party-looks or date nights. It's very versatile and I love it so much because of that reason. With Hard Day, you can say goodbye to your hardest days.

HARD DAY by Makeup Revolution - 7,99€

What's your favourite palette from Makeup Revolution?

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