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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My favourite fonts

Ever wanted to download those lovely fonts people use? I'm always on / Pinterest checking for cute and clean fonts and today I've decided to share some of them with you.
The inspiration with the names comes from some of my favourite cities in the UK. I think they look pretty cool, don't they? I also think these fonts are perfect for these cities. Ahhh, I don't know, I really wanted to try something new. 

I added here a few of my favourite fonts for you to download. I really hope you like this pack and you use it! If you like them, then I can keep them coming for you. As you can see, there's no secret. My advice for you is to check Pinterest and dafont - but specially the latter as all the fonts are free and I find buyable fonts more than free ones on Pinterest. 

The famous KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON font is available for free, that's why I included it in the pack. It's so characteristic and so beautiful that I had to add it.

Elegant Serif font. This font includes nine variations, if I'm not mistaken, and I have included them all in the pack,

I love these kind of fonts and sadly most of them are not available for free - except for this one! I think I encountered it once on Pinterest and I downloaded it from a random link. Again, it's free so it's probably on DaFont.

Harbell is for personal use only. It reminds me of old school tattoos but at the same time I find it so elegant.

Another of my favourite Serif fonts. Thin and clean. Perfect for titles, I'd say.

Vaguely remind me of other handwriting fonts but these three stand out! They're perfect for blogs.

So obsessed with this font. It's the one I'm using in the title of my blog. I think it's very clean and perfect for these kind of titles. This also includes variations in the pack.

The fonts used for the title and the font names are FOX IN THE SNOW and BEBAS NEUE. Both of them can be found in and are not included in this pack.


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