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Monday, 7 September 2015

Makeup Revolution Pro Go Brush Set

I assume by now you know how much I love Makeup Revolution and their stuff but I was yet to try their famous brushes. The first time I tried to order these were out of stock (which is a good sign, hey!) and one night I was randomly scrolling their online store when I noticed they were back in stock! So of course, I had to order a pack of these.

This post consists on my first impressions as I'm yet to try them but I really wanted to show you how they look! As you can see, it's a pack of four mini brushes: Mini Face Brush, Mini Foundation Brush, Mini Eyeshadow Brush and Mini Angled Brush. These are the perfect size for your make-up bag and taking into account I'm going to Madrid in three weeks, I'm beyond excited to bring them.

Just so you get how tiny they actually are, I took pictures next to my iPhone 6 to compare. They are very tiny but felt super soft. What I like about Makeup Revolution is that their stuff is also cruelty free! So it's a double win, isn't it? 

I had to wait almost a month for these beauties to arrive. The Spanish post has been a nightmare lately so perhaps it's been their fault and I was so excited to get them that I was almost sure they wouldn't be arriving. So happy they arrived safely. Truth be told, I expected them a little bit bigger! I'm not used to such tiny brushes, but I'm very excited try them.

This set only costs £4,95 so I think it's also quite affordable as you get four brushes! And not only they come in handy, they are also very, very pretty. 

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution brush set yet?

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