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Friday, 4 September 2015

What's inside my iPhone 6?

Even though I loved my iPhone 4S and we've lived so many things together, it was time to give it a break and I got myself the iPhone 6 in silver. I'm a big Apple fan, not going to lie. I'm not doing for the pure aesthetics of the brand - which are beautiful anyway - but I genuinely love Apple and I could tell you exactly why I think it's better than Windows at the same time that I can tell you why Windows wins Apple sometimes. It's not like you have to be a computer whiz to say so, but I'm a huge geek let's get real.

I want to start by saying that I'm very picky with my technology. I know that with your phone you can do everything, and that's awesome if you don't have any other choice, but I need some sort of boundaries in my devices - if that makes sense. For example, I do use my laptop for everything (music, writing, browsing the web) but I can't use my phone for music. I just can't. No. That doesn't make sense to me. I may look like a freak when I'm out and about, with my iPod Touch and my iPhone, both in different hands. Or my iPod in my pocket/bag and my iPhone in my hands. Some people have asked me whether I have two phones and, hey, I totally understand the confusion.

Anyway, without any further ado...

This is how my phone looks like in the side with all the apps.  I normally group them in folders that are Social, Extras and Photography. For some reason Buzzfeed / Tumblr aren't in Social and I wonder why right now hahaha. EMT Palma is my app to go to check the times for the bus here in Mallorca, although the app itself kinda sucks and it has made me be late to uni more than once.

(PS. That's Taron Egerton aka a Welsh actor. You can find him on Kingsman, The Smoke and Testament of Youth. He's going to be in the film starring Tom Hardy called Legend and he's also on the music video for The Breach by Lazy Habits, so go watch him right now and you'll understand why that adorable cinnamon roll is my background.)

No, this wasn't sponsored by Taron Egerton but it was sponsored by my fangirl self I guess.

These are a few of my favourite apps:

Pinterest: I'm getting the grip to this Pinterest thing. I absolutely love it. My mother is also a big fan, too. We follow each other and send each other pins we think we may like. I have it both on my iPhone and iPad but I enjoy using it on my iPad the most.

Twitter: I love the interface you get from Twitter with the new update. It's very clean and simple. I tweet a lot when I remember I should be tweeting but I confess that I lurk most of the time.

Instagram: Probably my favourite social network. I love seeing what other people are up to, but I only do it from my iPhone.

VSCOcam: Hands down the best editing app out there and it is free. Some people use AfterLight but you have to pay for that one and if don't feel like doing such thing, you can get this one for free and let me tell you it's very, very similar to AfterLight.

PAPERSco: It's such a simple app I have to download wallpapers for my iPad and iPhone that are pretty. As simple as that. But no, my background didn't come from there...

Instasize: I use it to resize a few pictures that you can find on my Instagram profile but you can also add cool filters to your pictures or make collages so this app is really useful!

WhatsApp: Bless instant messaging and hate the blue double tick forever.

Yes, I do have Spotify on my iPhone for extreme occasions such as 'my iPod's battery has died and I need music'. And my browser is in extras, but you just can't see it I think. I have a few slides on extras because I've got so many random apps...

Perhaps my favourite app of all time is Instagram as I use it quite often to snap my day away when I'm out and about - hence why I have so many apps related to Instagram that edit my pictures, oops!

What are your favourite apps?

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