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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Back for good

... Man. My last post was in January and it has made me think a lot. My laptop was already acting up then and I was feeling very frustrated about it. It kept taking me ages to download things and load websites because my Internet was very slow. Somewhere in the middle of that, I did my exams and then I started another semester and I drowned in a pool of stress (and probably my own tears, too). I started ignoring my blog, my hobbies and focusing on uni and my job. It was awful, I'm not going to lie. Somehow it's May now and exam season is lurking and I'm about to start my internship for the police as a translator; and my Internet wasn't cooperating, and I needed to study, and... and...

... and 'it's Summer and all I want to do is relax'. I live in paradise, for goodness' sake! I needed the sun, I needed my friends, I needed the parties and the time off any social media. I had a breaking point and it wasn't good, a breaking point in which I almost stood up and left the office where I was sitting - and subsequently quit my job. I guess I'd had enough. However, things just got better from there. I had one of the best summers I remember and I felt totally hyped for everything and anything. I felt like I could go back to my blog, re-vamp it somehow, give it a new perspective and theme. 

And right when I was ready, my laptop died. 

'Fucking hell', I remember saying. I'm talking as if this happened months ago, but this actually happened last week so I'm not fooling anyone here. Nevertheless, we live in a very capitalist world that has allowed me to get a Macbook Air for a very reasonable price (thanks, Black Friday!) so I guess I'm all geared up for this.

So... what's next?

I'm going to England in December for a weekend getaway and I plan on taking many pictures, so I'm very excited. Since my Internet seems to be working perfectly, I feel like I'm going to be able to work with this laptop without any sort of trouble (yay!)
Judging by my food pictures on Instagram, you may also think I'm turning into a foodie and I may blog more about cute places because I have been rediscovering my own city and it's such a wonderful feeling.
Also, I feel like this blog can definitely geek out a lil' bit so expect some pop culture relates posts on here. This may be fun, this may attract new bloggers - and I love me some new blogs to read - so why not? Hopefully I can turn this around and make it right. I'm definitely not giving up on this yet...

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