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Thursday, 15 December 2016

One day in London

I'm finally back from my weekend getaway in England. As a Spaniard, it's probably very weird that I'm utterly fascinated by the UK since I live in the Mediterranean - but England definitely has something special. As Christmas is my probably my favourite holiday, I knew I had to get there somehow to feel that Christmas vibe. I arrived on Friday to Gatwick Airport and travelled to Brighton until Saturday evening and then I took a coach to London to spend my last days there. 

Unfortunately, we arrived very late from Brighton as we experienced a delay in our departure. We were way too tired to even go for a walk at night PLUS it was raining - so the only thing we wanted to do was check into our hotel and grab some food.

It wasn't my first time in London, so even if I did a few touristy things it was okay if I skipped others too. What was compulsory for me though was visiting Madame Tussauds and I must say it was worth every penny! 

I guess I pretty much had smooches for everyone, huh? Couldn't resist the temptation of taking those two pictures as 1) Colin Firth must be one of my all time favourite actors and 2) Leonardo DiCaprio was my very first actor crush when I was 6 and I'd tell everyone we were dating. 
Now that I think about it... I might have two-timed them.

I know. I'm also very surprised by how tall Barack Obama is. And Harry Styles' head is very big, too. Can you tell I'm having the time of my life? I swear the Madame Tussauds experience is so much fun and it's so much more than just wax figures. It's definitely worth the visit.

London was crowded and lively. Stressful at times, as expected, but it's always lovely to walk those streets and mingle with all those Londoners. The Christmas spirit there is immense as well and I absolutely loved it. We had a pretty good day, it was sunny and not that cloudy. It was the perfect day for some walking to be honest!
Weekend getaways - so necessary and so much fun. Even when you go to a city like London, it's always good to simply get on a plane and disconnect. Enjoy something different and unusual. I came back with recharged batteries and ready to kick asses by the end of the semester.

Are you travelling anywhere for Christmas?

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