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Monday, 9 January 2017


Today, in Spain, we all go back to work after the Christmas holidays. And, not only that, today is my birthday. I'm 24 today (what?!) and I can't help but write a post about something I've been reflecting on for a while now.

Perhaps you find this is a strange post for you to come back to my blog. Perhaps it is a strange post.
Initially, I was going to write a different post. But I've just watched PewDiePie's video about Forced Positivity on YouTube. I'm linking it so you give it a go because, regardless you like that youtube or you despise him, he definitely gives you some food for thought.

I'm fine.

I think I have ranted enough about my happiness and my highs and my lows on this blog it's starting to get boring - but I really am fine.
I guess there are some aspects in my life that don't make me feel fine at all. I guess some of them make me feel frustrated, unhappy, stressed or even guilty. That's fine. Just don't tell me I shouldn't feel that way - because I do. 

Personally, I don't think people are happy 100%. If they are, that's kind of scary to me too. Felix put it into words better than I'm probably going to do now, but someone can't be happy 100% of the time. Mind you - it's pretty cool if you feel content with all the little things of your life, because I do feel content with many of those aspects; but I also need to put things into a certain perspective and be objective.

Oh God.
That sounded too good to be true. In fact, I'm a very emotional person. Sure thing I can be logical and rational, but I'm very emotional most of the times. I feel too much. That's why I hate forced positivity on me. Yes, I'm fucking upset because I failed that exam - let me fucking be. Don't try to tell me it's just an exam and that it doesn't mean anything. It does mean something, I spent hours, days, weeks preparing for it for you to come and tell me 'it doesn't mean anything'.

Forcing positivity on ourselves means we are devaluating how we truly feel. Felix talks about it on his video, through an article he found, that by ignoring those 'unhappy' feelings we choose to ignore ourselves. 
And, hey! I'm a positive person. I probably am hella annoying. I'm very optimistic. Every time someone is feeling bad about themselves, I'm the first one there to listen to them and try to help them see the things differently. 

But I will never ever tell someone they shouldn't be sad because they failed an exam or their partner broke up with them (even though they were an asshole from the start) or whatever.

People are entitled to feel whatever they are feeling. No one is entitled to tell them they shouldn't feel that way. It's good to help them, but not to force a feeling on them. 

So if you're looking for happiness in 2017, I hope you find it. And if you are already happy, that's great. And if you're fine, neither happy nor unhappy, and you feel great about it, I hope it stays that way.

* Both pictures shown on this post were taken at very happy moments of my life so they were not chosen randomly. Nevertheless, I was very aware that the extreme happiness I was feeling was temporary and it would go away once I'd come back to the routine. *sad face* Perhaps that's why I cherish those moments in my heart and memory so much and so often. And that's okay.

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