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PR Friendly/Disclaimer

This is how my blog works:

All the products featured here have been bought by me or given to my by a loved one as a gift. However, since February 2014, any items that have been gifted, sent or given to me from any press event I attend or from PR companies in consideration for a product review, will be marked with an asterix. (*).

I will always be honest and sincere in my opinions on any product that I feature. That means that I will not be featuring products that aren't good or that I will tell you why it has disappointed me with a constructive review. I will not accept anything that won't fit in my blog or that I wouldn't use.

My opinions will never be biased just because I got a product for free/any type of compensation. I will always be honest with my readers.

I am by no means any make up expert nor I would consider myself a beauty guru but a beauty enthusiast and I'm still learning about this world through the blogosphere.

If you would like to contact me for any reason, you can send me an e-mail.

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